This instrumental album was originally released in 1985. The current CD version has over a half a dozen tracks that were not on the original release.

Andrew Powell wrote the music, and Alan Parsons produced and engineered it. Ian Bairnson, Stuart Elliott, Richard Cottle at their talents to this one as well.

"Ladyhawke" soundtrack


1. Main Title

2. Phillippe's Escape

3. The Search For Phillippe

4. Tavern Fight (Phillippe)

5. Tavern Fight (Navarre)

6. Pitou's Woods

7. Phillippe Describes Isabeau

8. Bishop's Procession

9. Wedding Music

10. Navarre's Ambush

11. Imperius Removes Arrow

12. Chase / Fall / Transformation

13. Cezar's Woods

14. She Was Sad At First

15. Navarre Returns To Aquila

16. Turret Chase / The Fall - Film Version

17. Wolf Trapped in Ice

18. Navarre And Isabeau's Dual Transformation

19. Navarre And Marquet Duel

20. Marquet's Death

21. Bishop's Death

22. Final Reunion / End Title

23. Ladyhawke Theme: Single Version


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