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Neil Lockwood was born in Wales on Feb 23, 1958.

Neil's early aspirations were not music related and says, "I wanted to be a painter first of all, and went to arts college. I also wanted to be an author of fiction. I was about 14 or 15 when I got bitten by the music bug. That was also when I wanted to learn to play instruments and I started messing around with keyboards and guitar."

In 1983 Neil signed his first record deal with Red Bus Records. This deal would lead to his first single which ironically enough was called "Tell Tale Heart". This song was far from a cover, as Neil explains, "My 'Tell Tale Heart' was a soulful dance song really, and nothing to do with the Edgar Allen Poe bit."

In 1985 Neil re-formed The Shine. "I knew these guys since 1978 and we worked off and on. The Shine was originally formed in 1980 as a new romantic band." There were plans to do an album, but in the end they only released two singles.

Neil has had success in the world of session work, and has worked with many artists including Elaine Paige and John Parr. 1986 would see Neil on Box of Frogs "Strange Land" album.

Renaissance singer Annie Haslam recorded Neil's song "Let It Be Me". Many other artists have recorded songs written by Neil including Mathou with the hit ballad "Sarah".

In 1987, Neil lent his voice to Pete Bardens "Seen One Earth" album. That would be followed up the next year with Bardens' "Speed Of Light" album.

From 1990 to 1993 Neil was a member of ELO Part Two.

In 1996, Neil met up with Alan Parsons, and what started out as simply demoing some songs led to Neil singing lead vocals on three tracks on the "On Air" album. Soon after he joined the Alan Parsons band, singing vocals on multiple tours. In 1999 he also provided vocals to some tracks on "The Time Machine" album.

Neil continues to write and record music; most recently appearing on the latest album by Asia.

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Selected Discography

  Work With Other Artists  
1986 Box of Frogs Strange Land Vocals
1987 Pete Bardens Seen One Earth Vocals
1988 Pete Bardens Speed of Light Vocals
1990 Electric Light Orchestra, Part Two Electric Light Orchestra, Part Two Vocals, Vocals (bckgr)
1994 Men Without Hats Safety Dance UK Remix Arranger, Producer, Remixing, Mixing
1996 Alan Parsons On Air Vocals
1998 Boyzone No Matter What Keyboards
1999 Alan Parsons The Time Machine Vocals
2001 Asia Aura Vocals (bckgr)

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