Manny Focarazzo


Emanuel Focarazzo was born on October the 7th, 1967 in Brooklyn, New York.

He is a descendant of a musical lineage that has lasted generations. His mother's father, Charles Orlando, was a professional piano player who's work included playing the piano in silent films in the early 1900's. He grew up listening to his mother, Vincenza, at the piano playing all the great songs from the early 1900's to post World War II Americana. His father Emanuel Sr., would sing these melodies with one of the worlds greatest voices.

At an early age, Emanuel would sit at the piano and compose songs and melodies of his own. As a child, the piano came natural and he didn't take any formal lessons until his mid teens. At that time he studied with world renowned pianist David Bradshaw. His training lasted into college and he graduated with a music degree from Adelphi University.

Under the guidance of David Bradshaw, Emanuel performed at Carnegie Hall three times. At age sixteen he performed two original compositions at Carnegie Hall (Prelude and Fugue). Since then he has gone on to play and write music of all styles.

Emanuel has worked with numerous groups in New York where he still lives. He continues to perform all styles of music in many of New York's great music halls. Although he loves playing music, his first love will always be writing music.

His home in upstate New York nestled in a quiet valley in the Catskills offers a perfect place for musical thought. At present, Emanuel is working on a number of projects at his studio on Long Island. One project is what could be a possible "Broadway Musical" centered around post WWII Coney Island with musical themes based on New York. Another project is sort of a progressive rock concept type CD with melodic and lyric themes that repeat in different ways. The keyboards are the driving force in this piece and Emanuel prefers to use many old analog sounds to tell the story.

Most importantly, Emanuel has had the privilege of meeting and working with a wonderful man and a great artist, Alan Parsons, and is looking forward to continued touring and time with The Alan Parsons Live Project.

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