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The first compilation of hits was released by Arista Records in 1983. "You Don't Believe" was, at the time, an unreleased track which gave the listener an early taste of what they'd hear on "Ammonia Avenue" album. Being from Arista, there are of course no tracks from "Tales of Mystery and Imagination" which was released by 20th Century Records.

I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You vocal: Lenny Zakatek (3:09)

Eye In The Sky vocal: Eric Woolfson (4:29)

Games People Play vocal: Lenny Zakatek (4:14)

Time vocal: Eric Woolfson (4:57)

Pyramania vocal: Jack Harris (2:40)

You Don't Believe vocal: Lenny Zakatek (4:23)

Lucifer instrumental (4:05)

Psychobabble vocal: Elmer Gantry (4:48)

Damned If I Do vocal: Lenny Zakatek (3:30)

Don't Let It Show vocal: Dave Townsend (3:28)

Can't Take It With You vocal: Dean Ford (4:40)

Old And Wise vocal: Colin Blunstone (4:04)

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