APP "The Essential" album

The Alan Parsons Project

The Essential Alan Parsons Project

Sony/BMG released this collection in April, 2007. The Essential was also released as both a 2 CD and 3 CD set a few months earlier. This is the first single-disc "best of" collection were all of the tracks have been remastered. (Cover artwork and spine also refers to this as "Best Of Alan Parsons Project")

Sirius Instrumental

Eye In The Sky vocal: Eric Woolfson

Don't Answer Me vocal: Eric Woolfson

Games People Play vocal: Lenny Zakatek

Days Are Numbers (The Traveller) vocal: Chris Rainbow

I Robot instrumental

I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You vocal: Lenny Zakatek

Lucifer instrumental

What Goes Up... vocal: David Paton

Time vocal: Eric Woolfson

Prime Time vocal: Eric Woolfson

Damned If I Do vocal: Lenny Zakatek

Let's Talk About Me vocal: David Paton

No Answers Only Questions vocal: Eric Woolfson Previously unreleased track!

Stereotomy vocal: John Miles

La Sagrada Familia vocal: John Miles

Old And Wise vocal: Colin Blunstone

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