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The Alan Parsons Project

The Essential Alan Parsons Project

Sony/BMG released this triple-set on January 29, 2007. Late 2006, Sony had already released this collection in Italy (with the title "Days Are Numbers" and in the Netherlands as "The Dutch Collection" (but that one had The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether, in place of To One In Paradise). The Essential was also released as a 2 CD set, then again a few months later as a single CD edition.

The intention of this set was to help promote the re-release of the entire catalogue of albums by The Alan Parsons Project.

To help kicks things off and get the momentum rolling The Avenue Online hosted a polling where we asked fans to submit their Top 3 APP songs. The results of that voting lead directly led to final selection of the track list. For the first time ever, the fans got to pick the songs!


The Raven vocal: Alan Parsons (EMI vocoder), Leonard Whiting

The Tell-Tale Heart vocal: Arthur Brown

The Cask of Amontillado vocal: John Miles

To One In Paradise vocal: Terry Sylvester (4:46)

I Robot instrumental

I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You vocal: Lenny Zakatek

Some Other Time vocal: Peter Straker and Jaki Whitren

Don't Let It Show vocal: Dave Townsend

Day After Day (The Show Must Go On) vocal: Jack Harris

What Goes Up vocal: David Paton

The Eagle Will Rise Again vocal: Colin Blunstone

Can't Take It With You vocal: Dean Ford (backing vocal: Eric Woolfson, David Paton, Stuart Tosh)

In The Lap of Gods instrumental

Shadow of a Lonely Manvocal: John Miles

Lucifer instrumental

Damned If I Do vocal: Lenny Zakatek

If I Could Change Your Mind vocal: Lesley Duncan


Games People Play vocal: Lenny Zakatek

Time vocal: Eric Woolfson

The Gold Bug instrumental (4:28)

The Turn Of A Friendly Card Suite:

i. The Turn Of A Friendly Card (Part One) vocal: Chris Rainbow

ii. Snake Eyes vocal: Chris Rainbow

iii. The Ace Of Swords instrumental

iv. Nothing Left To Lose vocal: Eric Woolfson

v. The Turn Of A Friendly Card (Part Two) vocal: Chris Rainbow

Sirius Instrumental

Eye In The Sky vocal: Eric Woolfson

Silence And I vocal: Eric Woolfson

Psychobabble vocal: Elmer Gantry

Mammagamma instrumental

Old And Wise vocal: Colin Blunstone

Pipeline instrumental

Ammonia Avenue vocal: Eric Woolfson

No Answers Only Questions vocal: Eric Woolfson Previously unreleased track!


Don't Answer Me vocal: Eric Woolfson

Prime Time vocal: Eric Woolfson

Let's Talk About Me vocal: David Paton

Separate Lives vocal: Eric WoolfsonAlternative mix

Days Are Numbers (The Traveller) vocal: Chris Rainbow

Sooner Or Later vocal: Eric Woolfson

Hawkeye instrumental

Stereotomy vocal: John Miles

Limelight vocal: Gary Brooker

Where's The Walrus? instrumental

La Sagrada Familia vocal: John Miles

Closer To Heaven vocal: Eric Woolfson

Standing On Higher Ground vocal: Geoff Barradale

Paseo De Gracia instrumental


The track selection was based on votes submitted by the fans. Below is the final voting results:

1 Old And Wise
2 Eye In The Sky
3 Silence And I
4 La Sagrada Familia
5 I Robot
6 The Turn Of A Friendly Card Suite
7 Time
8 The Raven
9 To One In Paradise
10 The Tell-tale Heart
11 The Cask of Amontillado
12 Lucifer
13 Don't Answer Me
14 Ammonia Avenue
15 Standing On Higher Ground
16 Some Other Time
17 iv. Nothing Left To Lose
18 Games People Play
19 In The Lap of Gods
20 Don't Let It Show
21 Damned If I Do
22 Sooner Or Later
23 I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You
24 Shadow of a Lonely Man
25 Sirius
26 Where's The Walrus?
27 The Eagle Will Rise Again
28 Psychobabble
29 Limelight
30 Breakdown
31 Day After Day
32 May Be A Price To Pay
33 Days Are Numbers (The Traveller)
34 A Dream Within A Dream
35 Prime Time
36 Let's Talk About Me
37 Closer To Heaven
38 One More River
39 Winding Me Up
40 The Gold Bug

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