APP "Gaudi" album

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This album was originally released by Arista Records in 1987. This album was inspired by the life and works of Antonio Gaudi (1852-1926), a Catalan architect whose grand conception, The Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona, involves a construction timetable which will run for hundreds of years. He is buried in the cyrpt of his unfinished masterpiece.

La Sagrada Familia vocal: John Miles (8:44)

Too Late vocal: Lenny Zakatek (4:34)

Closer To Heaven vocal: Eric Woolfson (5:54)

Standing On Higher Ground vocal: Geoff Barradale (5:02)

Money Talks vocal: John Miles (4:23)

Inside Looking Out vocal: Eric Woolfson (6:19)

Paseo De Gracia instrumental (3:43)


Bass: Laurie Cottle

Drums and Percussion: Stuart Elliott

Guitars: Ian Bairnson

Synthesizers and Saxophones: Richard "Trix" Cottle

Pianos and Keyboards: Eric Woolfson

Vocals: John Miles, Lenny Zakatek, Eric Woolfson, Geoff Barradale, Chris Rainbow

Orchestral Arrangements by Andrew Powell

Bob Howes conducted the English Chorale and played the timps

David Cripp led the horns and John Heley played cello

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