AP "Best Of Live" album


The Very Best Of Live (American Release)

In 1995, RCA Victor brought the live album to America. The live tracks are the same as the 1994 release (that is, they are recording of the 1994 tour of Germany), however collectors should note that the artwork for the liner notes is different. This version also features three new studio tracks.

Sirius instrumental (2:25)

Eye In The Sky vocal: Gary Howard (4:55)

Psychobabble vocal: Chris Thompson (5:22)

The Raven vocal: Alan Parsons / Gary Howard / Chris Thompson (5:39)

Time vocal: Gary Howard (5:08)

Luciferama instrumental (4:56)

Old And Wise vocal: Gary Howard (4:49)

You're Gonna Get Your Fingers Burned vocal: Chris Thompson (4:18)

Prime Time vocal: Gary Howard (5:15)

Limelight vocal: Chris Thompson (4:40)

Don't Answer Me vocal: Gary Howard / Chris Thompson (4:13)

Standing On Higher Ground vocal: Chris Thompson (5:30)

When vocal: Chris Thompson (5:08)

Take The Money And Run vocal: Stuart Elliott (5:08)

You're The Voice vocal: Chris Thompson (5:08)


Bass: Jeremy Meek, Felix Krish (on studio tracks)

Drums and Percussion: Stuart Elliott

Guitars: Ian Bairnson, Alan Parsons, Chris Thompson

Saxophones: Richard "Trix" Cottle

Keyboards: Andrew Powell, Richard Cottle, Alan Parsons

Vocals: Chris Thompson, Gary Howard, Alan Parsons, Stuart Elliott

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