Alan Parsons "Master Hits" compilation

The Alan Parsons Project

Master Hits

Arista released this set in 1999. This collection is part of Arista's "Heritage Series", a mid-price line celebrating their best artists. Catalogue number: 07822-14602-2

I Robot instrumental (6:02)

I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You vocal: Lenny Zakatek (3:21)

Prime Time vocal: Eric Woolfson (5:03)

Games People Play vocal: Lenny Zakatek (4:20)

Time vocal: Eric Woolfson (5:02)

Limelight vocal: Gary Brooker (4:38)

Sirius Instrumental (1:53)

Eye In The Sky vocal: Eric Woolfson (4:33)

Ammonia Avenue vocal: Eric Woolfson (6:30)

Sooner Or Later vocal: Eric Woolfson (4:24)

Days Are Numbers (The Traveller) vocal: Chris Rainbow (4:26)

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