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On Air

The theme of "On Air" surrounds the history of aviation. The audio CD is accompanied by a CD-ROM. The song-led CD-ROM has trivia about aviation and the band, and will work on both MAC and IBM compatible systems. The big bonus? Look for the two-disc set to be offered at the price of a normal audio disc. Please note, the two-disc set is not available in Canada.

If you have questions about loading the CD-ROM or haven't read the read-me file written by Alan Parsons, click here.

"On Air" was released worldwide:

Blue Blue Sky vocal: Eric Stewart (0:46)

Too Close To The Sun vocal: Neil Lockwood (5:12)

Blown By The Wind vocal: Eric Stewart (5:22)

Cloudbreak instrumental (4:41)

Can't Look Down vocal: Neil Lockwood (4:32)

Brother Up In Heaven vocal: Neil Lockwood (3:57)

Fall Free vocal: Steve Overland (4:20)

Apollo instrumental (6:05)

So Far Away vocal: Christopher Cross (4:05)

One Day To Fly vocal: Graham Dye (6:13)

Blue Blue Sky vocal: Eric Stewart (4:23)

Bonus track on Japanese release: "Apollo" Ambient Mix instrumental (7:59)


Ian Bairnson: guitars, bass synth

Stuart Elliott: drums, keyboards, drum programming, bongos

Alan Parsons: keyboards

John Giblin: bass

Gary Sanctuary: keyboards, piano

Richard Cottle: saxophone, keyboards

Eric Stewart: vocals

Neil Lockwood: vocals

Steve Overland: vocals

Christopher Cross: vocals

John F. Kennedy: vocals

Graham Dye: vocals

Peter Beckett: backing vocals

The Philharmonia Orchestra arranged and conducted by Andrew Powell

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