APP "Silence And I" Collection

The Alan Parsons Project

Silence And I: The Very Best of the Alan Parsons Project

BMG International released this triple-set on April 15, 2003. (Cat. # 95144)

What makes the set interesting is that it combines tracks from APP albums, as well as Alan Parsons' album "Try Anything Once".


In The Lap of Gods instrumental

Psychobabble vocal: Elmer Gantry

Silence And I vocal: Eric Woolfson

I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You vocal: Lenny Zakatek

Back Against The Wall vocal: Chris Thompson

Hyper-Gamma Spaces instrumental

Nucleus instrumental

Day After Day (The Show Must Go On) vocal: Jack Harris

Wine From The Water vocal: Eric Stewart

Mammagamma instrumental

One More Rivervocal: Lenny Zakatek

Shadow of a Lonely Manvocal: John Miles


I Robot instrumental

Old And Wise vocal: Colin Blunstone

Pyramania vocal: Jack Harris

Some Other Time vocal: Peter Straker and Jaki Whitren

The Three Of Me vocal: David Pack

Gemini vocal: Chris Rainbow

Turn It Up vocal: Chris Thompson

Breakdown vocal: Allan Clarke

Step By Step vocal: Lenny Zakatek

Children Of The Moon vocal: David Paton

Yoyager instrumental

What Goes Up... vocal: David Paton


Sirius Instrumental

Eye In The Sky vocal: Eric Woolfson

Re-Jigue instrumental

The Voice vocal: Steve Harley

Breakaway instrumental

Can't Take It With You vocal: Dean Ford (backing vocal: Eric Woolfson, David Paton, Stuart Tosh)

Mr. Time vocal: Jacqui Copland

You're Gonna Get Your Fingers Burned vocal: Lenny Zakatek

Don't Let It Show vocal: Dave Townsend

The Eagle Will Rise Again vocal: Colin Blunstone

Total Eclipse instrumenal

Genesis Ch. 1 v. 32 instrumental

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