Alan Parsons Polls

Least Favourite Alan Parsons Songs

These results are from a poll run in The Avenue after "Try Anything Once" was released, and before "On Air" and "The Time Machine".

The top thirty are presented here.

1 Sects Therapy 44
2 Funny You Should Say That 33
3 Total Eclipse (instrumental) 30
4 Don't Hold Back 21
5 You're Gonna Get Your Fingers Burned 16
6 Money Talks 14
tie Beaujolais 14
8 Little Hans 13
tie Vulture Culture 13
10 The Tell-Tale Heart 12
tie Since The Last Goodbye 12
12 Limelight 11
tie You Don't Believe 11
14 Nucleus 10
tie You Lie Down With Dogs 10
tie Urbania (instrumental) 10
tie Psychobabble 10
18 La Sagrada Familia 9
tie Hawkeye (instrumental) 9
20 Stereotomy 8
tie Back Against The Wall 8
tie In The Real World 8
23 Somebody Out There 7
tie I'd Rather Be A Man 7
tie The Voice (instrumental) 7
tie I Robot (instrumental) 7
tie If I Could Change Your Mind 7
tie The Gold Bug (instrumental) 7
29 Old And Wise 6
tie Step By Step 6

Five points were assigned for a first place vote. Four points for second place, and so on.

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