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Should we ignore Blender Magazine's slam of APP?

In the September 2003 issue of Blender magazine, they ran a list of the 50 Worst Bands Ever. The Alan Parsons Project was listed at #21.

Of course, many fans were upset to read this. However, should we really even take this seriously? This is from the same company that publishes Maxim. It's also hard to take the list seriously when it also included Creed, The Doors, Kansas, and Rick Wakeman.

The poll question was whether we should just ignore this as bad journalism, or band together and send in a joint response.

Ignore it, or Respond to the editors?

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The poll has drawn an almost 50-50 split, so we won't go and launch an assault on the editors of Blender. However, if you still feel like sending in a letter yourself, don't hold back. Keep in mind that it's hard to take this too seriously when they list The Doors as one of the fifty worst bands, instead of a band like O-Town.

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