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Alan Parsons

Press Rewind

Written by Stuart Elliott

If you could press rewind and do it all again

Would you change your mind, would you change a thing

Would you make it easy, would you make it hard

Would you play the game under another name

Or ask the dealer for one more card

Bang your drum, sing your song

Don't give up, keep the faith, it won't be long

You've been high, you've been low

Press rewind and let it go

Have you had your say, seen all you wanted to see

Or did your dream give way to reality

Don't think it's all too late for you to even try

Before you clip your wings, see what this life brings

You've waited too long it's time to fly


Do you believe in fate and what is meant to be

Could you imagine life without a guarantee

Would you appreciate that time was on your side

A flash of second sight, a chance to do it right

Is something money just can't buy


Lead Vocals: Graham Dye

Guitars: Ian Bairnson

Drums: Stuart Elliott

Bass: John Giblin

Song copyright 1999 Parsonics Limited

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