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At The Avenue, we're regularily receiving letters from fans looking for various albums to add to their collection. Now with the help of, fans can now find more titles than they'd ever imagined! is known for it's great selection, service and price. So, sit back and enjoy these great links to some great music!


Tales of Mystery and Imagination (Original Version). This version was released by Mobile Fidelity, known for their high quality product. This is title is currently out of print - See Deluxe Edition instead.

Tales of Mystery and Imagination (1987 Version) This version was released in 1987, and was remixed by Alan. It includes some pieces not featured on the original release, including narrations by Orson Welles.

Tales of Mystery and Imagination (DELUXE Edition) This is the best of all worlds: The original 1976 version is on disc one (with 4 bonus tracks) and The 1987 remix version is on disc two (with four more bonus tracks). Plus it comes with some cool extra liner notes.

If you like this album, then read the work that inspired it: Complete Stories and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe.

I Robot includes "I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You". 2007 - Remastered edition

Read the book that ispired the title: I, Robot by Isaac Asimov.

Pyramid 2008 - Remastered edition

Eve features the song "Damned If I Do". 2008 - Remastered edition

The Turn Of A Friendly Card includes the hits "Games People Play" and "Time" 2008 - Remastered edition. Also available as a DVD Audio Version

Eye In The Sky includes their biggest hit "Eye In The Sky", plus "Old and Wise". 2007 - Remastered edition. Also available as a DVD Audio Version

Ammonia Avenue includes the hit singles "Don't Answer Me" and "Prime Time". 2008 - Remastered edition

Vulture Culture includes the hit songs "Let's Talk About Me".2007 - Remastered edition

Stereotomy2008 - Remastered edition

Gaudi 2008 - Remastered edition

Freudiana - Originally this project was to be the 11th album by The Alan Parsons Project. While it was being made, the project changed scope and became the soundtrack for a musical that was staged in Vienna in 1992. This is album was never released worldwide, and for that reason most people do no know it exists. While a few tracks are more "Broadway-ish" than you'd expect from Alan Parsons, there are many gems on this eighteen song collection. A must-have for Parsons' fans! is out of print

If you're interested in learning more about Sigmund Freud, read the biography Dr. Freud, a Life by Paul Ferris.


For those who want to get a sample of this great music, or if you're starting out and don't know which album to buy, there a great selection of "greatest hit" type albums.

The Definitive Collection This double album set (34 tracks in total) was digitally remastered by Alan Parsons and covers music from "Tales" right through to "Try Anything Once".Import Version has only 18 tracks.

The Arista Heritage Series [ORIGINAL RECORDING REMASTERED] 11 tracks

Eye In The Sky (EXTRA TRACKS) This is a compilation album, not the original album with bonus tracks.

Love Songs 15 tracks

Ultimate 18 tracks

The Hits 2-CD / 34 tracks

Silence & I: The Very Best Of This 3-CD from all the APP albums (except "Tales"), but also includes tracks from Alan Parsons' "Try Anything Once".

Eye In The Sky (Collectables) 10 tracks

The Essential is a 3-CD Version, and essentially the same as "The Dutch Collection".

The Essential - This is the 2-CD Version

Best Of Alan Parsons Project - This is the 1-CD Version of "The Essential"


The Essential - 17 Songs are included: I Robot / I Wouldn't Want to Be Like You / What Goes Up ... / Lucifer / Damned If I Do / Games People Play / Time / Sirius / Eye in the Sky / Old and Wise / Prime Time / Don't Answer Me / Let's Talk Abou / Days Are Numbers (The Traveller) / No Answers Only Questions / Stereotomy / La Sagrada Familia


Karaoke - In the style of Alan Parsons Project - Vol. 1 - Only 2 Songs available as MP3 Download: Games People Play / Eye in the Sky


When Eric Woolfson chose to leave The Alan Parsons Project to pursue a career in musical theatre, Alan didn't feel comfortable continuing to use the Project moniker. Albums are credited to Alan Parsons, but when they tour the marquee flashes The Alan Parsons Band.

Try Anything Once is out of print

The Very Best Of Live (1994 - European release) is out of print, but was re-released as: Extended Versions [Live]

The Very Best Of Live - (1995 - US release, same as above, plus three studio tracks) is out of print. Currently available as an: MP3 Download

On Air - (1996 - w/bonus CD-ROM) is out of print

On Air - DTS Surround Sound version. You need a DTS Decoder on your stereo in order to appreciate the full surround effects. (No CD-ROM with this one) is out of print

The Time Machine - This is the US release (Miramar Records) and does not have a bonus out of print

The Time Machine - This is the UK copy (Artful records release) with "Dr. Evil Austin Powers Mix" bonus track. is out of print

A Valid PathAlan's latest album on CD. Also available as an: MP3 Download

A Valid Path - Dual Disc Version. This is a two-sided disc. CD SIDE has: Complete album in stereo, while the DVD SIDE has: Entire album recorded in 5.1 surround sound, plus some bonus tracks.



One Year

Greatest Hits



As Far As I Can See

Greatest Hits / The Light Inside 2-CD


On Air (Live)

GARY BROOKER - Vocalist on "Limelight"

Within Our House


Lionheart - With guests David Paton, Stuart Elliott, Ian Bairnson, Andrew Powell, Duncan Mackay and Francis Monkman.




The Single Factor: Guest appearances from APP members: David Paton, Chris Rainbow, Duncan Mackay and Francis Monkman. Out Of Print

Stationery Traveller

Pressure Points -Live In Concert: Live album with guest Chris Rainbow on keyboards and vocals. Out Of Print

Dust And Dreams With vocals by David Paton.

Dust And Dreams was inspired by The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck.


Internal Exile (limited availability) With David Paton on Bass.

KEATS - Keats This 1984 album features members of The Alan Parsons Project writing and recording their own album, and the album was produced and engineered by Alan Parsons. This version of the CD includes all eleven musical tracks, plus interview material with Alan and guitarist Ian Bairnson.


Storm - Classical violinist rocks with Richard Cottle on keyboards. Check out the sound samples and many reviews on amazon!




His Very Best

John Miles also appears on Romanza by Andrea Bocelli


Box Of Frogs "Strange Land" Neil is the vocalist on this one.

He also did vocals for the Electric Light Orchestra on: "Electric Light Orchestra, Part Two

WILLIAM LYALL - Solo Casting

DAVID PACK Lead singer of Ambrosia

Anywhere You Go


The Secret of Movi' On

PILOT Members were: David Paton, Ian Bairnson, Stuart Tosh and William Lyall.

From the Album of the Same Name (Out of print - some second hand available)

Second Flight (Out of print - some second hand available)

Morin Heights (Out of print - some second hand available)

Two's A Crowd Japanese import

Magic Best Of collection

Blue Yonder - Out of Print

ANDREW POWELL - "Andrew Powell and the Philharmonia Orchestra Plays The Best Of The Alan Parsons Project" -- this title is currently out of print.

LADYHAWKE SOUNDTRACK (Out of print - some second hand available). The 1984 movie featured a powerful soundtrack written by Andrew Powell, produced by Alan Parsons and performed by members of The Alan Parsons Project. Finally available on CD and includes extra tracks not included on the original vinyl edition. A must have for any Alan Parsons fan!

Love the soundtrack? Own the movie! Available on DVD.

Andrew Powell wrote the soundtracks for two other movies. Carravan To Vaccares, a film starring David Birney, which is not available on video or on CD (used copies on VHS exist). The other is Rocket Gibraltar (1988) starring Burt Lancaster. Rocket Gibraltar's soundtrack is not available on disc, but you can buy the video on DVD.

Michael's Farewell is an album that Andrew did with Stockhausen.


Modern Times - Produced and engineered by Alan Parsons. With Andrew Powell. Currently not available.

Year Of The Cat - Produced and engineered by Alan Parsons. With Stuart Elliott, Andrew Powell, David Paton and George Ford.

Time Passages - Produced and engineered by Alan Parsons. With Stuart Elliott, Andrew Powell, David Pack and Joe Puerta.

His latest albums are: Down In The Cellar (2000), A Beach Full of Shells (2005), and Sparks Of Ancient Light (2008)


Storm Thorgerson's covers have been a big part of the Alan Parsons image. Check out his latest books:

For the Love of Vinyl: The Album Art of Hipgnosis is a look at more than 60 package designs--from cover to label.

The Album Cover Album spans the 1950s to the 1970s. Not only is Storm covered, but so is Roger Dean who created the classic covers for Yes.

Taken By Storm covers over thirty years of work by Storm and Hipgnosis.

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