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(Jan. 25/02) In sad news, Pete Bardens passed away at 3am on January 22nd, 2002. He had been battling lung cancer for some time now, and sadly lost that fight.

Bardens major connection to the musical world of Alan Parsons was Pete's participation on the "Keats" album. The Keats band being a one-off project that joined Bardens with Ian Bairnson, Stuart Elliott, David Paton and Colin Blunstone.

Early in his career, Bardens worked with Rod Stewart in a band called Shotgun Express. In 1966 Pete had a band called the Peter B's, whose members included Peter Green on bass, and drummer Mick Fleetwood. That led to Bardens appearing on early Fleetwood Mac material (see Fleetwood Mac - Vaudeville Years 1968-1970, Vol. 2. released 2001), and later on many Peter Green solo albums including In the Skies (1979), Blues for Dhyana (1998), and Clown (2001).

In the 70s, Pete was a member of the prog-rock band Camel, and appeared on many albums including Mirage (1974), Snow Goose (1975), Single Factor (1982), and Pressure Points: Live in Concert (1984).

Late in the seventies, Bardens also worked with Van Morrison on his albums Wavelength (1978) and Live at the Roxy (1979).

Pete Bardens also released a number of solo albums, beginning with his first "The Answer"; in 1970. Others would follow including Seen One Earth (1987), Water Colors (1991), Further Than You Know (1993), and Speed of Light: Live (2000).

Pete leaves behind a long legacy of music and he will indeed be missed by many.


(May 1/02) Recently Stuart Elliott gave his old friend Steve Harley a hand at a tribute for George Harrison. That went so well, that the two may go on the road together. Stuart hasn't made up his mind on that, but adds, "It's really nice because the live playing was an aspect I was sad to give up with Alan. Steve is great to play behind, he is such a performer and the old Rebel songs are and always have been fun to play."

On the writing side of things, Stuart has landed the music composers job for the Laureus World Sports Awards in Monaco, which will be broadcast world wide. Stuart says, "It is the Oscars of the sports world studded with the usual wall to wall stars, and is sponsored by Cartier and Mercedes Benz. All the material written for the show including the walk ons and walk offs will be released as a library album also."


(June 15/02) Last summer's "Walk Down Abbey Road" tour was so successful, that Alan has been making plans to do a second tour this summer.

The band line-up will be: Alan Parsons, Christopher Cross, Jack Bruce (Cream), and Mark Farner (Grand Funk Railroad). Todd Rundgren will appear at selected dates, and Eric Carmen (Raspberries) will appear at the shows where Todd is not available.

(July 2/02): Eric Carmen has unfortunately pulled out of the tour. The reason for this change was "artistic differences". For more details, and a message from Eric, check out his official page.

Check the Tour Dates page for specific dates.


(June 19/02) Back in 1977, when Ian Bairnson and David Paton were better known as the band Pilot, they released the "Two's A Crowd" album. That was back in the days of vinyl. Since then, the old Pilot albums have been re-released on CD, with the exception of their final album - "Two's A Crowd", which has never been released on CD.

Early this year Ian and David decided to fill that void, so they joined forces to re-record those classic cuts and put them into a new album. The result is Pilot's new album "Blue Yonder". The album includes: eight of the eleven "Two's A Crowd" songs ("The Other Side", "Mr. Do Or Die", and "Big Screen Kill" are absent); plus two new songs ("I Wonder" and "When The Sun Comes"); as well as a live recording of Pilot playing "Hold Me" back in 1975.

At first listen, the sound is hauntingly familiar - David's voice is solid as ever, and Ian's guitar shines. As each song passes, you realize that this isn't the same old Pilot - they're better than ever! In the years that have passed, the players have learned much, and they showcase these skills as they update their classic tunes.

Been waiting for years to hear "Two's A Crowd"? Wait no more! Go to the Library Door and check out this album!


(Aug. 1/02) Stuart Elliott has joined forces with Steve Harley again. For those who don't remember, Stuart was in the band Cockney Rebel many years ago. Steve Harley has been touring again, and Stuart is playing drums on these new live dates. Check the Steve Harley website for current tour dates.


(Aug. 2/02) Neil Lockwood will be appearing the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. During the solo show he will be performing some of the tunes he played when he was with Alan Parsons and ELO. Neil will also be performing some of his own songs as well. He will be appearing on various dates from Aug. 6-24, 2002. For details, check out the official Fringe Fest site.


(Oct. 7/02): The new album of Stockhausen and his pupil’s was released September 2, 2002 by Deux-Elles Limited. "Michael’s Farewell" (cat. DXL1039) is a four-track disc, with one track written by Andrew Powell. From the press release:

This exciting and significant repertoire for trumpet and live electronics is performed by John Wallace OBE and Andrew Powell, two internationally leading artists of this genre. John Wallace has been pivotally important in the development of contemporary repertoire for the trumpet.
The works on this disc by Stockhausen and his pupils call for Wallace’s trumpet to be used and re-used in multitrack overdubbing to create a wealth of sounds from which the music is formed in a rigorous manner.

Track list:


(Dec. 5/02): On November 25th, Neil Lockwood will be starting an extended engagement at The London Hilton on Park Lane. Neil also has a new album out called "Songs To Fall In Love To". The album features Neil performing songs that he has written over the last fifteen years, but have previously been performed by other artists. That album will soon be available for purchase at The Avenue.


(Dec. 6/02) Marti Webb from "Don't Let The Moment Pass" will be starring in The King and I. The touring production is currently making it's way around England, and some dates include:


(Dec. 9/02)

Alan Parsons has been approached to do the music for Patrick Read Johnson's new movie "5-25-77" Patrick previously produced "Dragonheart", and this new film will be set in the days leading up to the release of the first Star Wars film. The film is in pre-production, and The Avenue Online will have an update before the end of the month. Meanwhile have your first peak at the teaser trailer! (at right)



(Dec. 10/02): Alan Parsons will marry Lisa Marie Griffiths in California on April 12th, 2003. Says Alan, "We haven't finalised the arrangements yet, but it will be a fairly modest event for our family and closest friends". The wedding is likely to take place on a quiet beach along the California Coast.


(Dec. 16/02) As most of you know, 2003 will mark the 30th Anniversary of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon".

In 1993 they released a 20th anniversary box set which included a digitally remastered version which was engineered by Alan Parsons.

The rumours are true and Pink Floyd is going to release a surround version to commemorate the 30th Anniversary. The bad news is that it will be engineered and mastered by James Guthrie instead of AP. James has a long association with Pink Floyd and has been involved with everything from "Piper at the Gates of Dawn" (1967) to "Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd" (2001).

James was also Arranger and Producer of Ambrosia's "Road Island" (1982) and Engineer on both William Lyall's "Solo Casting" (1976) and John Miles' "Stranger in the City" (1977).

It would have been fitting to bring back AP for the surround mix, but at least this legendary album will finally get the surround showcase it's long deserved.

"5-25-77" MOVIE UPDATE

(Dec. 22/02)

5-25-77 is the upcoming film from director Patrick Read Johnson. Johnson was writer and producer of Dragonheart, which starred Dennis Quaid, and a dragon voiced by Sean Connery.

The date 5-25-77 is the day that the first Star Wars film premiered, and while the film isn't about Star Wars itself, the film's opening is important to the plot the film. The films lead character (Pat) is a high school student who is dying to see the movie, and also wants all of his friends to see it as well, but fate just seem to keep throwing roadblocks into his plan.

While Star Wars long legion of fans will be able to identify with the characters love for the film, other viewers will be able to identify with other aspects of the film, including: friendships, first loves, divorce, and small-town life. Pat also dreams of being a film director one day, but is faced with the prospect of having to leave his small town behind if he ever hopes to achieve his dreams.

The autobiographical script for 5-25-77 was also written by Patrick Johnson, and he says that most events portrayed in the film actually happened, although for the purposes of the script they have been compressed into almost one day.

Alan Parsons has been asked to help with the music for the film. While Johnson would like to see the soundtrack have some of the hits of that era in the soundtrack, his vision is for it to be more than a catalogue hit parade. As the project is still in its early stages, the plans for the soundtrack are still being sketched out. Some thoughts include Alan Parsons providing new versions of songs from his first two albums, and possibly new songs that fit the sound of the era.

Casting is still in progress, but some stars attached to the film include: Carrie Fisher, Christopher Lloyd, Joe Pantoliano (The Matrix, The Sopranos) and Rushmore's Sara Tanaka.

Status: The film is in pre-production, and shooting is set to begin in May 2003.

The Avenue Online will have continue to have updates. Meanwhile have another peak at the teaser trailer! (at right)



(Dec. 23/02) Project bass player and vocalist, David Paton, continues to keep busy beyond his Pilot reunion with Ian Bairnson. David will be releasing a solo CD on JAK records at the beginning of the year. JAK records also will be releasing an album by David's long time friend Nobby Clark. Nobby was the original lead singer for the Bay City Rollers and sang the early hits such as "Saturday Night" and "Keep On Dancing". David Paton produced the album and plays the instruments on the album. For more information, check out the news section at


(Dec. 24/02) The Alan Parsons Live Project hits the road early in 2003. Only four dates are currently on the schedule but hopefully more will be added later.

The San Juan dated is listed on Pollstar as Jan. 26th, but that is incorrect as the date has been changed to Feb. 23rd.

The Cupertino date is very exciting as this show will be done with an orchestra. At this time planning still continues, and a final list of songs has not been decided. It is also hoped that Andrew Powell will be on hand to conduct the orchestra, and this could perhaps lead to the addition of music from "Ladyhawke". The date of this show may get pushed back to a later date, and The Avenue Online will give more details as they become available.

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