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(December 24/04): Congratulations to Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland of The Crystal Method! They have been nominated in the category of Best Electronic/Dance Album for their album "Legion of Boom".

The duo contribute "We Play The Game" on Alan's new album "A Valid Path".

Here's hoping they bring home a Grammy!

(March/05): Unfortunately they lost to Basement Jaxx and their album "Kish Kash". Either way, Ken and Scott are still winners with us!


(January 9/05): In the "Fanzone" there is a section called "AP Experience" and I'm proud to announce that it now contains all-new stories from fans from all over the globe. Check it out and see how many of their stories are just like your own.

While in the Fanzone, also put in your vote for "A Valid Path" and let us know what rating you'd give it. Coming soon we'l have you vote on your favourite song.


(January 20/05): Good news for fans in Mexico! We recently announced the cancellation of the Mexico City date, but the good news is that it has been replaced, and three more shows added! See the tourdate page for update


(March 22/05): Just to let you know that as of March 31, 2005 I will be discontinuing the fax line. Back when I started The Avenue, there was a fair bit of traffic on that line, but with everyone having e-mail now, I almost never get a fax.

This shouldn't cause any inconvenience as we can still be contacted by email and by regular mail.


(August 14/05): You asked for it, and now it's available - a live concert on DVD! The "Live in Madrid" DVD is still exclusively available at


(August 15/05): Good news for fans in South America, there are a handful of dates for September and October. Check out the Tourdate section for more details.


(August 15/05): Sadly, we have to report that the record company has delayed this release until early 2006.

(March 21/05): You've been asking about a surround version of the new album, and here is the news: The Dual Disc is in preproduction and we are expecting a summer release in 5.1. Format: DVD-A with video content on one side with 5.1 mix, regular stereo mix on other side.


(September 7/05): I caught up with Stuart Elliott and he has some news to report. First, he played drums on many of the tracks on "Aerial" the long-awaited new album from Kate Bush. Stuart has played drums on all of her albums, so the tradition has been kept alive. This is her first album since "The Red Shoes" and there is already buzz building. Kate has been slowly working on this over the past few years and has been dividing her time between the album and home life. "Aerial" takes flight November 7, 2005. The other piece of news is that Stuart will be playing drums on the next leg of Steve Harley's tour. Harley will be touring the UK starting September 24, 2005. For a list of dates, check out Steve Harley's official site at:

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