Often we get asked what artists Alan likes, and who he recommends.

Iconic Phare

Check out Iconic Phare ... their next album "Turning the Tide" was produced by Alan Parsons. Their previous album "Thinking Rock" was under their old name of Millenia.


My all-time favourite record was Papa Was A Rolling Stone by The Temptations. It was a great production by Norman Whitfield who has never been heard of since. It was a big influence on The Voice on I Robot.

I love Police and Sting. My favourites are Don't Stand So Close To Me, Every Breath You Take and Fields Of Gold. An exceptional talent - a real musician's musician too.

The Who have always been another favourite. I saw them in the very early days when they smashed up gear on stage. Tommy was a masterpiece. I heard a boootleg of the original demos recently - quite a revelation.

Sheryl Crow is probably my favourite contemporary artist. She keeps coming up with great songs and interesting and innovative productions.

Alan recently wrote the following about Neil Lockwood and his new album "You Can't Get There From Here":

"I have known Neil since 1996. We first met when his name came up as a singer for a couple of songs on my ON AIR album, and I was familiar with his work with ELO Part 2. Neil demonstrated his singing talents admirably both on a number of tracks on Alan Parsons albums and also on subsequent tours with The Alan Parsons Live Project."

"Neil's new solo album YOU CAN'T GET THERE FROM HERE is nothing less than brilliant. He interweaves his distinctive vocals with a number of genuinely progressive style elements and further demonstrates his talents as a multi-instrumentalist. The songs are really well thought out and well executed. I am sure he will do well with it and I wholeheartedly recommend giving it a listen."


"Here's some things I'm into at this very moment:"


Check out the song "When I Look To The Sky" from Train's new album "My Private Nation". The storyline of the track is reminiscent of APP's "Same Old Sun".

We still get mail about Jacqui Copland ("Mr Time"). While I don't have any updates on Jacqui, check out Irene Marc of The Groove Kings. She has the same earthy vocal sound, and you'll love either of the GK albums, or Irene's vocals on the Cirque Du Soleil soundtrack "Alegria".

If you like Clannad, or Capercaille, then check out Leahy. A family band with great Celtic style roots.

If you like personal music like Sarah McLaughlin or Jewel, check out Australia's Emaline Delapaix.

If story-tellers/folk artists are your thing, check out Shawn Mullins.

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