The twenty-fourth issue of The Avenue was released on November 15, 2002. Contents included:

Current News:

The top story was the announcement of a wedding. Alan Parsons will marry Lisa Marie Griffiths in California on April 12th, 2003. Alan first met Lisa at The Merriweather Post Pavilion near Baltimore, Maryland on the band's first American tour in 1995.

Alan also spoke of progress on the new album, the latest concert plans, and signing a deal with a record company in London.

On other fronts, we look at the latest album from Andrew Powell, and latest live appearances scheduled for Neil Lockwood and Marti Webb.

In The Limelight: David Pack (Part Two)

California-born David Pack has worked with all sorts of artists. The conclusion of this interview looks at some special projects that David has been involved with including Disney's "Remember The Magic" and his Leonard Berstein tribute "The Songs of West Side Story". The article brings us up to date on his work with his new "pop spiritual" media company Mpowered Ideas.

Tales Of...:

Part twenty-four of this section brings us to 1986 and the conclusion of our look back at the "Stereotomy" album. In this part, Alan talks about cover artwork, the Grammy nominations, and the inspiration for "Where's The Walrus?".

Who Can It Be Now?

As a spin-off of our "Where Are They Now?" articles, we compare the Billboard chart of Oct 16, 1982 to the artists of the present. Twenty years later, are the same artists on the chart or has the face of music changed completely?

"Let's Talk About...":

This time in our question and answer section, Alan covers a wide range of questions...

bullet Which is your favourite flight simulator software?

bullet What does Alan think about the Vienna stage production of "Freudiana"? Did he see it?

bullet Over the course of The Project, how many songs didn't make the leap from demo to release? Post-Project? (Would you ever consider releasing some of them?)

bulletDoes Alan think that The Project didn't have an image; a recognizable voice? Did that damage the band's chances to be bigger?

"That is something I caught from Pink Floyd. I knew that they were very low profile facially. I remember being impressed by the fact that members of the band could be by the popcorn stand milling about with the public and no one recognized who they were. I've done the same and it's very rare that I am spotted."

" Keeping a low profile has helped me to not to get recognised in public, which is a blessing. I am very happy that I remained in the background. I don't have face presence, and I don't leap around on stage and I think the world is a better place for me having not tried that. "

Contest prizes in this issue include items autographed by Alan Parsons!

In this issue, also included was the sheet music for the tracks "Stereotomy" (Part Two of Two) and "La Sagrada Familia".

This, and much more is happening in Issue Twenty Four of The Avenue!

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