The Avenue: Issue One

The first issue of The Avenue was released on August 31, 1994. Contents included:

Current News:

The big news of the day was about the release of the "Try Anything Once" album, as well as the departure of Eric Woolfson. Quick biography information of players on TAO was also highlighted.

"Freudiana" Lawsuit:

This article took a look at the legal battle that broke out between Eric Woolfson and Brian Brolly. The lawsuit effectively put productions of "Freudiana" on hold. In the end, Brolly won and Eric was forced to sell his shares to Bolly.

Of Note:

In this issue, the "Of Note:" section looks at career updates on: Gary Brooker; Marti Webb; Al Stewart; Chris Rainbow; David Paton and John Miles.

John Miles article:

Guest writer Becky Wildenberg takes an in-depth look into the work of Project vocalist John Miles. The article looks at his work with APP, as well as his solo albums.

Tales Of...:

The historical section of the newsletter looks back at Alan's life, this time starting at his birth. Part one of the story winds its way through his childhood and up to Alan's first job.

The Freudiana Years:

Many people are unaware that between "Gaudi" and "Try Anything Once" there was another album called "Freudiana". This article looks at how this album turned from being the next APP record into the soundtrack of a musical. Also included are a track listing and a discussion of souvenir merchandise.

"Let's Talk About...":

The question and answer section looks at six questions:

bullet Who are the people on the cover of "I Robot"?

bullet What did Jaki Whitren and Peter Straker sing?

bullet Besides "Don't Answer Me", which other songs have videos?

bullet Was the musical "Freudiana" performed in English? Who was in the band?

bullet What's the difference between the different Audio Guide sets?

bullet Are there any variations on albums issued in different countries?

This, and much more appeared in Issue One of The Avenue!

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