The Avenue: Issue Eighteen

The eighteenth issue of The Avenue was released on November 1, 2000. Contents included:

Current News:

The news section mostly looked at the status of touring. The band had planned to play the US in the fall of 2000 and Alan explained that there just wasn't enough time to work out all the details and still put together a really good tour.

Alan was also joining up with the Ultimate Rock Symphony for a multi-artist tour of South America. Unlike most multi-artist events, the artists appearing will not be just doing their own songs. As Alan explains, "It's an interesting mix of material. The show opens with 'Pinball Wizard', if you can believe that. It's basically songs by The Beatles, The Who, Zeppelin, and material by each of the artists appearing.”

Alan had also just finished remastering three old Al Stewart albums. In addition to preparing "Modern Times", "Time Passages" and "Year of the Cat" for re-release on CD, he also remixed the title tracks in 5.1 surround. Unfortunately they will be delayed until the fate of Miramar is resolved. At the time the issue was released Miramar had been put up for sale by its parent company.

And finally, Alan spoke of life in America and how he is finding it now that he has settled in.

Eric Stewart article (Part 2):

In this issue we conclude our look at the life and career of Eric Stewart. This time we look at the latter days of 10cc, and how he met Alan Parsons, as well as his goals for the future.

Tales Of...:

Part eighteen of this section brings us to 1982, and concludes our look back at “Eye In The Sky”. This time Alan comments on how it felt to hear it all over the radio, why the red line was added to the cover, and why the album didn't have a video.

Standing On Common Ground

This summer there were two fan meetings: one in the US and the other in Italy. In this issue we received reports from both of them. They may have been seperated by an ocean, but they were united by their love of good music.

"Let's Talk About...":

This time in our question and answer section, Alan gets a little little help from Ian Bairnson...

bullet How did the cash register sequence at the opening of Pink Floyd's "Money" come about, and what was Alan's involvement in that song?

bullet What's the general meaning of the talking on "Far Ago And Long Away"?

"Ian: If you mean a translation, I don't really have a clue! There are many different Asian and ethnic languages on there. They are there in a subliminal context to add to the atmosphere of the piece. Languages and dialects from this region sound more ancient than others, and this is why we chose them to add depth to the theme of "time"."

bullet My girlfriend Jin and I discovered a jazz standard called “Long Ago And Far Away”. Did Ian reference to this song, as Pink Floyd did with their name?

bullet I want to know if Ian has any favourite guitarists? Which guitar solo(s) impress him, or have an effect on him?

Contest prizes in this issue included: the chance to win a rare tour programme from the first tour of Germany. Plus, more items autographed by Alan Parsons!

In this issue, the sheet music for the track "Silence And I" was included, as well as part one of the sheet music for "Psychobabble".

This, and much more happened in Issue Eighteen of The Avenue!

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