The Avenue: Issue Two

The second issue of The Avenue was released on February 28, 1995. Contents included:

Current News:

Hot news was about the release of "The Very Best of Live" album in Europe. From there, the article took a look at the upcoming release of that album in the US. Readers were the first to hear about the three new studio tracks. Other news: Alan's work on the television show "Equinox", Mobile Fidelity's release of the original 1976 version of "Tales" on CD, and the upcoming "World Liberty" show.

Parsons Live! - The History of the Shows (Part One):

Alan talks about the reasons the band didn't tour in the past and the changes that made it possible now. Alan also looks back at his first shows in Antwerp in 1990 and talks about what he learned on those nights.

Of Note:

In this issue, the "Of Note:" section looks at career updates on: John Miles; Pete Bardens; Arthur Brown; Lenny Zakatek, and David Paton.

Andrew Powell interview:

The featured artist section takes a look at Andrew Powell. In addition to finding out how Andrew and Alan Parsons met, readers learned about the many other artists that Andrew worked with. Included are stories about his production work for Kate Bush, his work on the "Power" album for Kansas, and a look at the "Ladyhawke" soundtrack.

Tales Of...:

In part two of the historical section, we look at Alan's early days at Abbey Road. Included are stories of his days with Pink Floyd and The Beatles.

"Let's Talk About...":

The question and answer section looks at eight questions including:

bullet Did you notice the coincidence of "Mr Jones" by The Counting Crows and Mr. Jones in "The Three of Me"?

bullet How do the sound effects between "Separate Lives" & "Days Are Numbers (The Traveller)" relate to the song? Why the US ring, as it was recorded in England?

bullet What kind of car do you drive?

bullet Why is Willy Finlayson's name on "Try Anything Once"? The guy has connections with Pete Bardens and Chris Thompson, but the mystery remains.

bullet What happened to the book mentioned in the "Best of APP" in 1984?

bullet Where is Eric these days...?

bullet Did Alan or Eric write "Mammagamma" and "Urbania"?

bullet Plus, a footnote on the video question in issue one.

Early readers got the chance to purchase now sold-out merchandise including the 1994 tour programme.

This, and much more appeared in Issue Two of The Avenue!

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