The Avenue: Issue Twenty-Three

The twenty-third issue of The Avenue was released on July 1, 2002. Contents included:

Current News:

The news section opened with the announcement of the new "Walk Down Abbey Road" tour. The line-up for the 2002 edition of the tour: Christopher Cross, Jack Bruce (Cream), and Mark Farner (Grand Funk Railroad), Alan Parsons, plus Todd Rundgren at selected dates. Eric Carmen (Raspberries) was originally scheduled to play certain shows but withdrew from the tour over "creative differences".

Ian Bairnson and David Paton have returned to their Pilot roots and have revisited the "Two's A Crowd" album. They originally released that album in 1977, back in the days of vinyl. Since then, the old Pilot albums have been re-released on CD, with the exception of their final album - "Two's A Crowd", which has never been released on CD.

Stuart Elliott recently produced the music for the Laureus World Sports Awards, and that event was broadcast on various networks worldwide. Neil Lockwood was playing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and also announced his upcoming new album "Songs To Fall In Love To".

In The Limelight: David Pack (Part One)

California-born David Pack has worked with all sorts of artists. The first half of this interview looks at the the artists that influenced his career, his membership in Ambrosia, as well as a detailed look at his work on "Tales of Mystery and Imagination" and "Try Anything Once".

Tales Of...:

Part twenty-three of this section brings us to 1985, where we conclude our look at the "Vulture Culture" album. In this part, Alan talks about the album cover, as well as naming one of his least favourite Project songs. We also begin a review of the "Stereotomy" album, and among other things Alan speaks of the recording of the sound effects for "Urbania".

Where Are They Now? (Part Three)

This is a look back at the Billboard chart of Oct 16, 1982. The idea was to see how the competition has fared, and whether Alan's recent performance on the singles chart is unique to him, or whether other artists are suffering a similar fate. In this issue we look at the bottom of the Top 30, including Rush, Kim Carnes, and Glenn Frey.

"Let's Talk About...":

This time in our question and answer section, Alan covers a wide range of questions...

bullet When will Alan make beautiful music like the central part of "Urbania" again?

"I'm hoping that the album I am working on will incorporate a good deal of instrumental music and I've had a passion for sound effects, so I'm hoping the fans will be happy with what they hear."

"Some of the people I've worked with lately have said that the music we used to make has been influential on what is happening now in electronica. I'm hoping that fans will find what they are missing on the new album. "

bullet Will Alan make a record of Beatle's music, played by Alan's friends and sung by various talented artists?

bullet You've said many times "Tales" is your favourite, best work, etc. What albums garner the #2 and #3 spots?

bullet I always noticed that "Stereotomy" is much more experimental than "Vulture Culture". What happened? Did Alan and Eric win some kind of victory with Arista?

bullet Do you see any similarity between you and Mike Oldfield? (ex. that you use different vocalists, etc.)

Contest prizes in this issue include items autographed by Alan Parsons!

In this issue, the sheet music for the track "Stereotomy" is included (part one of two), and the final page of the valued discograpy.

This, and much more happened in Issue Twenty-Three of The Avenue!

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