The Avenue: Issue Twenty-Five

The twenty-fifth issue of The Avenue was released on December 15, 2004, and unlike past issues, this issue was sixteen pages in length. This would also mark the final issue of the printed newsletter. Contents included:

Current News:

The top story was the release of Alan's new album "A Valid Path". The album was first released on August 24th, with other territories following afterwards.

Alan also spoke of touring, including the just concluded tour of Europe. He also spoke of his appearance opening for Dennis DeYoung where they were accompanied by an orchestra.

Dates for the upcoming Latin American tour were also listed.

Tales Of...:

Part twenty-six of this section brings us to 1987 and the conclusion of our look back at the "Gaudi" album. In this part, Alan talks about cover artwork, the lyrics for "Money Talks", and the voice-overs at the end of the album.

A Look at "A Valid Path"

With the new album "A Valid Path" recently released, this section devotes almost ten pages of detailed coverage on the album. The article begins with how Alan chose to change directions and do an album in an Electronic style; and also includes a track-by-track breakdown; pictures of guest artists, and much more!

"Let's Talk About...":

This time in our question and answer section, Alan talks about old friends and old albums...

bullet What happened to the concert that was planned to take place in the Sagrada Familia esplanade?

bullet What was Eric's involvement in politics. Did he consult for a party or candidate? Raise funds? Run for office?

bullet Is there any album Alan would like to re-visit the same way he re-visited "Tales"?

"I'd love to revist them all. It's just a matter of the time and the commitment from a record company. The first ones I'd want to attack would be I Robot, Friendly Card, Eye In The Sky and Stereotomy."

"This is the age of DVD and surround, so I am hopeful that they come across as DVD projects. I've seen no indication that Arista is interested in surround at all. I'm led to believe that Immergent may be interested in licensing material from Arista to do this. "

bullet Did Alan re-record Arthur Brown's vocals on "The Tell Tale Heart" for Tales '87? Parts of the vocals on that track are definitely different from the original version.

bullet Have you ever planned to conduct an orchestra?

bullet Are you still in touch with Andrew Powell? Have you any intention to work with him again in the near future?

bullet I've always thought that Alan's music is "male" music. However, the most famous cover versions have been made by Pat Benatar, Bonnie Tyler, and more recently Noa. What does Alan think about this?

Instead of contest slips, subscribers were randomly given old items including press kits and articles. About one in three received something extra in their envelopes.

In this issue, also included was the sheet music for the tracks "Standing On Higher Ground", "Money Talks", and "Paseo De Gracia".

This, and much more is happened in Issue Twenty Five of The Avenue!

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