The Avenue: Issue Three

The third issue of The Avenue was released on June 15, 1995. This issue was supposed to come out in August, however, it was released early to get tour information out as soon as possible. Contents included:

Current News:

Alan talks about the "World Liberty" show and why the release date of "The Very Best of Live" album in US was changed. Looking forward Alan talked about the upcoming tour, from potential changes in the set-list to choice of supporting act.

Parsons Live! - The History of the Shows (Part Two):

The next show for Alan and the band would be The Concert for Bosnia in Los Angeles on October 14, 1993. Alan talks about that show and the 1994 tour that was recorded and used on "The Very Best of Live" album.

Of Note:

In this issue, the "Of Note:" section looks at career updates on: The Hollies, Colin Blunstone, Chris Rainbow, Keats, Kenny Everett and Al Stewart.

Chris Harley interview:

Chris Harley is better known to APP fans as the vocalist Chris Rainbow. Chris talks about why he changed his name, his early days playing in pubs, and his solo career. Chris also tells about his days with APP and the other artists he's worked with.

Tales Of...:

In part three of the historical section, our story takes us to the "Dark Side of the Moon", as well as to Alan's work on Paul McCartney's solo records.

"Let's Talk About...":

The question and answer section looks at three questions including:

bullet Why, at this stage of his career, did Alan only 'half-produce' The Symphonic Music of Yes?

bullet Any stories about "Freudiana"?

bullet Was there an album called "Sicilian Defence"?

Early readers got the chance at the following contest prizes: autographed Alan Parsons CDs, and a Chris Rainbow CD library and autographed photo!

This, and much more appeared in Issue Three of The Avenue!

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