The Avenue: Issue Eight

The eigth issue of The Avenue was released on June 30, 1997. Contents included:

Current News:

Tour news looked back at the South America/Europe dates, as well as Ian Bairnson's first live sax performance. Looking forward, tour dates for Spain were included in the issue. Alan also talked about his new job as VP of the EMI Studio Group, and also commented on the fuss over "Dark Side" and The Wizard of Oz.

"Inside The Avenue":

This article repsonded to a recent reader poll about the content of The Avenue, as well as looking at the future of the 'zine.

Of Note:

In this issue, the "Of Note:" section looks at record re-releases of "The Instrumental Works", and "Andrew Powell and the Philharmonia Orchestra Play The Best of the Alan Parsons Project". We also look at recent record reviews and articles in print.

Stuart Elliott interview (Part One of Two):

In this, the first part, we look at Stuart's life from birth to his first bands and landing a job with Steve Harley. In this issue, he also talks about various session work with Chris DeBurgh and Kate Bush, as well as live appearances with other bands.

Tales Of...:

Part eight of this section brings us to 1976. This time we look at Alan's production work on Dean Ford's solo album, Ambrosia's "Somewhere I've Never Travelled" and Al Stewart's "Year of the Cat".

"Let's Talk About...":

The question and answer section looks at recording and sound.

bullet What type of audio system does Alan use? Is he exclusively digital, or does he find analogue useful in certain cases?

bullet After "Dark Side's" success, why didn't Alan record for Pink Floyd again.

bullet I think that "Instrumental Works" sounds better than the original recordings and that "Tales '87" sounds better on vinyl. Are the Japanese CD editions better quality, do they have more fidelity?

Contest prizes in this issue include: drum sticks autographed by Stuart Elliott, and more items autographed by Alan Parsons!

In this issue, readers also got their first look at the set-list for "The Definitve Collection", as well as the other titles that were considered for "On Air".

This, and much more happened in Issue Eight of The Avenue!

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