The Avenue: Issue Nine

The ninth issue of The Avenue was released on October 31, 1997. Contents included:

Current News:

In this issue, we looked at how Alan was settling in with his new position at EMI Studios, as well as his appearance at the annual EMI conference. Both Alan and Ian Bairnson comment on their upcoming appearance at The Night Of The Proms shows.

"A Familiar Theme":

It's a well known fact that Alan Parsons' albums have unified themes. This article takes a look at each album and the theme or inspiration behind them. If you think you know the themes of all the album, then some of Alan's comments might surprise you!

Of Note:

In this issue, the "Of Note:" section looks at recent work done by John Miles, Chris Rainbow, and Ian Bairnson. We also hear Alan's opinion on the new progressive rock band Millenia and their album "Thinking Rock".

Stuart Elliott interview (Part Two of Two):

In this, the conclusion, we look at Stuart's life in the seventies, eighties and nineties. Hear about how he got his start with The Alan Parsons Project, and his work on the Keats album. Stuart also talks about drum styles and his opinion of electronic drums. Hear about how he started writing songs for AP, how he got his first chance at lead vocals, and also about the other bands he writes songs for.

Tales Of...:

Part nine of this section brings us to 1977. This time we look at Alan's production work on Al Stewart's "Year of the Cat" and Pilot's "Two's A Crowd".

"Let's Talk About...":

The question and answer section looks at songs and artwork.

bullet What is the meaning or theme of the song "The Three of Me" on the album "Try Anything Once"?

bullet I was surprised by Ian's comment (#6, p. 7) that you don't write love songs. Why not? Conversely, why so many songs about schizophrenia and gambling addicition?

bullet Where was the artwork for "Try Anything Once" photographed?

bullet Was "Secret Garden" ever used as the theme song of a TV show? Everytime I hear it, I'm sure I remember hearing it in that context.

bullet Why isn't "Lucifer" on the "Instrumental Works"? I think it's the most popular instrumental song of The Alan Parsons Project.

Contest prizes in this issue include: a poster for the album "On Air" autographed by all the players on the 1996 US tour, and more items autographed by Alan Parsons!

In this issue, readers also got the complete list of "Proms" dates before it was put on the Internet.

This, and much more happened in Issue Nine of The Avenue!

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