The "Freudiana" musical was staged in Vienna at the Theatre an der Wien, both the dialogue and the words for the music were performed in German. This cast disc was released in 1991 by Electrola (CDP 1C 568-7 96512 2) and is currently out of print.

BulletFreudiana instrumental (3:07)

BulletKleiner Hans vocal: Kai Peterson, Wolfgang Pampel (3:08)

BulletIch Bin Dein Spiegel vocal: Felix Martin (4:00)

BulletEs Ist Durchaus Nicht Erwiesen vocal: Kai Peterson, Ludwig Itgenshorst, Leopold Kern, Viktor Gernot (4:42)

BulletDora vocal: Kai Peterson (3:55)

BulletDu Bist Allein vocal: Dagmar Hellberg (4:24)

BulletAusgestossen vocal: Kai Peterson, Ludwig Itgenshorst, Leopold Kern, Viktor Gernot, Dagmar Hellberg, Ensemble (3:58)

BulletDoctor Charcot vocal: Norbert Lamla, Ensemble (4:54)

BulletFrau Schmetterling vocal: Graham Pushee, chorus: Nii Bolen, Patrick Brunner, Brian Carmack (4:11)

BulletDer Ring vocal: Eric Minsk, Maria Steller, Dean Wetereln, James Clark, Wolfgang Pompel, Anthony D'Artagan, Thomas Nestler, Sam Cole, Kai Peterson (3:06)

BulletVision Dora instrumental (3:00)

BulletNie War Das Gluck So Nah vocal: Karin Zuirner (3:20)

BulletU-Bahn vocal: Kai Peterson, Ensemble (3:45)

BulletWer Ging Den Weg vocal: Kai Peterson, Ensemble (5:04)

BulletOedipus - Terzett vocal: Kai Peterson, Dagmar Hellberg, Wolfgang Pampel (6:25)

BulletChorus chorus (0:58)

BulletFreudiana vocal: Kai Peterson (4:58)

lyrics for these tracks not on line

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