The "Gambler" musical was staged in Germany. This cast disc was released in 1997 and is currently out of print.

Bullet Fanfare (0:30)

Bullet Green Light Means Danger (7:01)

Bullet Love In The Third Degree (4:14)

Bullet When The World Was Young (6:14)

Bullet Games People Play (5:21)

Bullet The Golden Key (4:49)

Bullet Limelight (7:11)

Bullet 9 x 9 x 9 (4:40)

Bullet Halfway (5:10)

Bullet Eye In The Sky (9:01)

Bullet (You'll be) Far Away (4:21)

Bullet Time (7:19)

Bullet Medley (0:55)

lyrics for these tracks not on line

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