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Hidden Link #5

This is one is just for fun!

The Top Ten Rejected Merchandising Ideas:

1 - The Alan Parsons beard trimmer.

2 - Alan and Eric salt and pepper shakers.

3 - The "Junior Recording Engineers Kit" for children.

4 - Grammy Awards with your choice of winning record.

5 - Edgar Allan Potpourri.

6 - "Eye In The Sky" bi-focal glasses.

7 - Little mummy dolls... unwrap 'em and find your favourite band member inside. Collect the whole set.

8 - Bottle of "Live" cola... the same kind as on the album cover. Now you can spill it wherever you want!

9 - APP Window Cleaning Solution... with ammonia!

10 - An "On Air" hot air balloon... full size!

Okay, so this one is a little un-related. Look for other hidden links, like the one that tells you all about Alan's Grammy nominations!

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