The Alan Parsons Project

The Instrumental Works

This compilation of old instrumental songs was released by Arista Records in 1987. This record hoped to appeal to fans of the instrumental side of APP and was also hoped to be used by television stations that had already become turned onto APP.

BulletPipeline instrumental (3:56)

BulletWhere's The Walrus? instrumental (7:23)

BulletI Robot instrumental (5:59)

BulletMammagamma instrumental (3:32)

BulletHawkeye instrumental (3:44)

BulletVoyager instrumental (2:14)

BulletPaseo De Gracia instrumental (3:44)

BulletUrbania instrumental (4:57)

BulletThe Gold Bug instrumental (4:27)

BulletGenesis Ch. 1 V. 32 instrumental (3:37)

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