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This page directs you to other sites we've found on our travels. Only "Official" band and corporate sites are on this list.

Band Related Sites

{short description of image} It all started with The Alan Parsons Project and now the record company has started a special site to promote the re-release of the original catalogue: The Alan Parsons Project.

{short description of image} Alan Parsons has his own official site to promote tours and new releases:

{short description of image} Is there any Parsons fan who doesn't want to know about Eric Woolfson and his musicals? Check out his latest work: Poe: More Tales of Mystery and Imagination.

{short description of image} Ian Bairnson fans will want to check his official page.

{short description of image} Stuart Elliott fans can find this grat drummer at his official page.

{short description of image}Al Stewart always has a story to tell, find out the latest here.

{short description of image} Peter Whitehas been up to a lot since leaving Al Stewart, catch up here.

{short description of image} He may not be part of the live show anymore, but if you want to catch up with Chris Thompson then this is the place.

{short description of image}Colin Blunstone still sounds as great as ever.

{short description of image} Eric Stewart has done lots more than 10cc and the "Freudiana" album.

{short description of image} Fans of Chris Rainbow will want to check out what's he been doing lately, including his production work on Donnie Munro's solo album (ex-vocalist of Runrig).

{short description of image} Progressive rock fans shave have already tuned into Iconic Phare. Their album "Turning The Tide" was Executive Produced by Alan Parsons.

Record Company Sites

{short description of image} Arista Records has a site that seems to forget Alan Parsons.

{short description of image} RCA Victor doesn't mention the "Live" album, but has something on David Pack's "West Side Story".

{short description of image}Arcade Records

{short description of image} Horipro / Pony Canyon

{short description of image}Artful Records

We know that some fans out there are looking for places to buy records and CDs to help complete their collections. This section may help you find some places to get those things. Good luck with your search!

{short description of image}CD Now is another fine place for Alan Parsons discs.

{short description of image}If you're looking for old vinyl, try Vinyl Vendors.

Other Business Sites

{short description of image} Alan started his career at Abbey Road.

{short description of image}Check out Billboard for great chart information.

{short description of image} BMI handles royalties in Britain.

{short description of image} ASCAP handles royalties in the USA.

{short description of image} Digital Theatre Systems (DTS) is a great place to go if you're building a movie theatre in your backyard, and also the place to hear about the new surround sound technology.

{short description of image}The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences doesn't just give out Grammies, they also have a Web site!

{short description of image} Ticketmaster has outlets in the USand in Canada.

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