The Very Best Of LIVE

Many fans thought that the title of this album was a joke ("They don't tour, do they?"). It was indeed true and this is recording of Alan Parsons 1994 tour of Germany.

BulletSirius instrumental (2:25)

BulletEye In The Sky vocal: Gary Howard (4:55)

BulletLuciferama instrumental (4:56)

BulletOld And Wise vocal: Gary Howard (4:49)

BulletPsychobabble vocal: Chris Thompson (5:22)

BulletThe Raven vocal: Alan Parsons / Gary Howard / Chris Thompson (5:39)

BulletTime vocal: Gary Howard (5:08)

BulletYou're Gonna Get Your Fingers Burned vocal: Chris Thompson (4:18)

BulletPrime Time vocal: Gary Howard (5:15)

BulletLimelight vocal: Chris Thompson (4:40)

BulletDon't Answer Me vocal: Gary Howard / Chris Thompson (4:13)

BulletStanding On Higher Ground vocal: Chris Thompson (5:30)


Bass: Jeremy Meek

Drums and Percussion: Stuart Elliott

Guitars: Ian Bairnson, Alan Parsons, Chris Thompson

Saxophones: Richard "Trix" Cottle

Keyboards: Andrew Powell, Richard Cottle, Alan Parsons

Vocals: Chris Thompson, Gary Howard, Alan Parsons

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