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Ammonia Avenue / Ammonia Avenue

A Recurring Dream Within A Dream / A Valid Path

Back Against The Wall / Try Anything Once

Beaujolais / Stereotomy

Blown By The Wind / On Air

Blue Blue Sky 1 / On Air

Blue Blue Sky 2 / On Air

Breakdown / I Robot

Brother Up In Heaven / On Air

Call Of The Wild / The Time Machine

Call Up / The Time Machine

Can't Take It With You / Pyramid

Cask Of Amontillado, The / Tales

Children Of The Moon / Eye In The Sky

Closer To Heaven / Gaudi

Damned If I Do / Eve

Dancing On A Highwire / Ammonia Avenue

Day After Day (The Show Must Go On) / I Robot

Days Are Numbers (The Traveller) / Vulture Culture

Destiny / Freudiana

Doctor Tarr & Professor Fether (The System Of) / Tales

Don't Answer Me / Ammonia Avenue

Don't Hold Back / Eve

Don't Let It Show / I Robot

Don't Let The Moment Pass / Freudiana

Dora / Freudiana

Eagle Will Rise Again, The / Pyramid

Eye In The Sky / Eye In The Sky

Fall Free / On Air

Far Away From Home / Freudiana

Freudiana / Freudiana

Funny You Should Say That / Freudiana

Games People Play / The Turn Of A Friendly

Gemini / Eye In The Sky

I Am A Mirror / Freudiana

I Can't Look Down / On Air

I Don't Wanna Go Home / The Turn Of A Friendly

I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You / I Robot

I'd Rather Be A Man / Eve

Ignorance Is Bliss / The Time Machine

If I Could Change Your Mind / Eve

I'm Talking To You / Try Anything Once

In The Real World / Stereotomy

Inside Looking Out / Gaudi

La Sagrada Familia / Gaudi

Let Me Go Home / Ammonia Avenue

Let Yourself Go / Freudiana

Let's Talk About Me / Vulture Culture

Light Of The World / Stereotomy

Limelight / Stereotomy

Little Hans / Freudiana

May Be A Price To Pay / The Turn Of A Friendly

Money Talks / Gaudi

More Lost Without You / A Valid Path

Mr. Time / Try Anything Once

No Future In The Past / The Time Machine

No One Can Love You Better Than Me / Freudiana

Nothing Left To Lose / The Turn Of A Friendly

Oh Life (There Must Be More) / Try Anything Once

Old And Wise / Eye In The Sky

One Day To Fly / On Air

One Good Reason / Ammonia Avenue

One More River / Pyramid

Out Of The Blue / The Time Machine

Press Rewind / The Time Machine

Prime Time / Ammonia Avenue

Psychobabble / Eye In The Sky

Pyramania / Pyramid

Raven, The / Tales

Ring. The / Freudiana

Same Old Sun, The / Vulture Culture

Sects Therapy / Freudiana

Separate Lives / Vulture Culture

Shadow Of A Lonely Man / Pyramid

Silence And I / Eye In The Sky

Since The Last Goodbye / Ammonia Avenue

Siren Song / Try Anything Once

Snake Eyes / The Turn Of A Friendly

So Far Away / On Air

Some Other Time / I Robot

Somebody Out There / Vulture Culture

Sooner Or Later / Vulture Culture

Standing On Higher Ground / Gaudi

Step By Step / Eye In The Sky

Stereotomy / Stereotomy

Stereotomy Two / Stereotomy

Take The Money and Run / AP Live

Tell-Tale Heart, The / Tales

There But For The Grace Of God / Freudiana

Three of Me, The / Try Anything Once

Time / The Turn Of A Friendly

To One In Paradise / Tales

Too Close To The Sun / On Air

Too Late / Gaudi

Turn It Up / Try Anything Once

Turn Of A Friendly Card (part 1) / The The Turn Of A Friendly

Turn Of A Friendly Card (part 2) / The The Turn Of A Friendly

Upper Me / Freudiana

Very Last Time, The / The Time Machine

Voice, The / I Robot

Vulture Culture / Vulture Culture

We Play The Game / A Valid Path

What Goes Up... / Pyramid

When / AP Live

Winding Me Up / Eve

Wine From The Water / Try Anything Once

You Can Run / A Valid Path

You Don't Believe / Ammonia Avenue

You Lie Down With Dogs / Eve

You Won't Be There / Eve

You're Gonna Get Your Fingers Burned / Eye In The Sky

You're On Your Own / Freudiana

You're The Voice / AP Live

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