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Ammonia Avenue

This album was originally released by Arista Records in 1984. The title track was inspired in part by a Petro-Chemical plant in Middlesborough, England.

BulletPrime Time vocal: Eric Woolfson (5:03)

BulletLet Me Go Home vocal: Lenny Zakatek (3:20)

BulletOne Good Reason vocal: Eric Woolfson (3:36)

BulletSince The Last Goodbye vocal: Chris Rainbow (4:34)

BulletDon't Answer Me vocal: Eric Woolfson (4:11)

BulletDancing On A Highwire vocal: Colin Blunstone (4:22)

BulletYou Don't Believe vocal: Lenny Zakatek (4:26)

BulletPipeline instrumental (3:56)

BulletAmmonia Avenue vocal: Eric Woolfson (6:30)


Bass: David Paton

Drums and Percussion: Stuart Elliott

Acoustic and Electric guitars: Ian Bairnson

Keyboards: Eric Woolfson

Fairlight Programming: Alan Parsons

Sax: Mel Collins

Vocals: Eric Woolfson, Chris Rainbow, Lenny Zakatek, Colin Blunstone

The Philharmonia Orchestra Leader: Christopher Warren-Green

Orchesta Arranged and Conducted by Andrew Powell

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