Andrew Powell's name is synonymous with some of the finest contemporary albums released in the UK over the last two decades. Studying music at King's College, Cambridge, Powell was determined that his route was to get involved in contemporary electronic music and while still at Cambridge he was a founding member together with Roger Smalley and Tim Souster, of the live electronic group Intermodulation, which gave several performances in the UK of works by Stockhausen.

He subsequently played with several London orchestras, including Covent Garden, the London Symphony Orchestra, The London Philharmonic Orchestra and, mainly, the BBC Symphony Orchestra with Peter Boulez, while also working as a session player. Powell made his first mark in contemporary rock when he was employed as arranger of Cockney Rebel's debut album, and subsequently met Alan Parsons when he produced their second album! He subsequently played on albums by Leo Sayer, Donovan, John Miles (the fantastic orchestral score on "Music" is his!), Cliff Richard, Pilot, Al Stewart, Mick Fleetwood, Chris Rea and Muenchener Freiheit among many others. As a producer, he took the credits on Kate Bush's first two albums, "The Kick Inside" and "Lionheart". He also produced Elaine Paige, Chris DeBurgh, rock band Kansas, Tim Rice, Mari Wilson and Judi Collins.

A busy man, he has scored and produced many film soundtracks, including Caravan To Vaccares, Ladyhawke and Rocket Gibraltar.

And, of course, he had been an integral part of the success of Alan Parsons since day one!

This biography was written for the "Alan Parsons Live" tour programme in 1994. For more details about the life and work of Andrew Powell, read the interview in Issue Two of The Avenue newsletter.

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