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The Time Machine

This album was released in 1999, and while it was inspired by the H.G. Wells story of the same name, the album is not a musical interpretation of his book. Instead, the album looks at time travel as a generic subject, as well as looking into other aspects of time and space.

The Time Machine - This is the European release (without the bonus track found on the Japanese release). .

The Time Machine (+ bonus track)- This is the Japanese release (with the bonus track "Beginnings"). Horipro XYCA-00041.

The Time Machine- This is the US release (no bonus tracks). Miramar 09006-23146-2.

The Time Machine- This is the UK release (with "Dr. Evil" bonus track). Artful Records - ARTFULCD28.

H.G. Force Part 1 instrumental (4:54)

written by Stuart Elliott

Keyboards: Stuart Elliott

Drum Programming: Stuart Elliott

Additional Keyboards: Richard Cottle

Guitars: Ian Bairnson

Orchestral arrangement: Stuart Elliott, Andrew Powell

Temporalia instrumental (1:01)

written by Alan Parsons

Keyboards: Alan Parsons

Narration: Professor Frank Close

Out Of The Blue vocal: Tony Hadley (4:55)

Call Up vocal: Neil Lockwood (5:14)

Ignorance Is Bliss vocal: Colin Blunstone (6:46)

Rubber Universe instrumental (3:52)

written by Ian Bairnson

Keyboards, Guitars, Bass, Saxophone, Mandolin: Ian Bairnson

Drums: Stuart Elliott

Call Of The Wild vocal: Maire Brennan (5:23)

No Future In The Past vocal: Neil Lockwood (4:46)

Press Rewind vocal: Graham Dye (4:21)

The Very Last Time vocal: Beverley Craven (3:42)

Far Ago And Long Away instrumental (5:15)

written by Ian Bairnson

Guitars: Ian Bairnson

Drum programming: Stuart Elliott

Bass: Ian Bairnson

Keyboards: Richard Cottle, Ian Bairnson

Orchestral arrangement: Andrew Powell

H.G. Force Part 2 instrumental (1:47)

written by Stuart Elliott

Keyboards, Drum Programming: Stuart Elliott

Additional Keyboards: Richard Cottle

Guitars: Ian Bairnson

Beginnings instrumental Bonus Track on Japanese Release

written by Stuart Elliott and Alan Parsons

Keyboards, Narration: Alan Parsons

Drums, Bass and Programming: Stuart Elliott

Guitar: Ian Bairnson



Produced and Engineered by Alan Parsons

Musical Associates: Ian Bairnson and Stuart Elliott

Vocals: Colin Blunstone, Maire Brennan, Beverley Craven, Tony Hadley, Neil Lockwood, Graham Dye, and Chris Rainbow

Musicians: Ian Bairnson, Stuart Elliott, John Giblin, Robyn Smith, Richard Cottle, Alan Parsons

Album recorded at Parsonics, England between January and May 1999. Additional recording at Bair Studios, England.

The Philharmonia Orchestra - Leader: Clio Gould

Conducted by Andrew Powell

Orchestra recorded at Olympic Studios, London

Assistant Engineer: Wayne Wilkins

Special Thanks To: Pete Smith, Joanne Harrison, Vic Broughton, James Wyllie, DTS, B&W Loudspeakers, Audio Technica Microphones, Andrew Stirling and all at Syco, Leila Bairnson, Karen Elliott, Mesa Boogie and Marshall Amplifiers, Paul Reed Smith Guitars, Steve Martin (The Agency) Steve Martin (The Avenue), Bianca Looyschelder (A.P.&P.), Kay Daly, Michiel Woolf and all at Arcade, Ito Nozomu and all at Horipro Inc. Bob & Tina at Zildjian Cymbals, Gary & Elizabeth at Remo Drums.

Cover Design by: Storm Thorgerson and Peter Curzon

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All tracks published by Parsonics Limited

Beverley Craven appears courtesy of Epic Records.

Tony Hadley appears courtesy of Slipstream Records.

Professor Frank Close extract provided by kind permission of Union Pictures and Channel 4.


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