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It's not a very exciting story - but anyway it's the story how I fell in love during the first moment I ever listened for the first time to a APP.

I am from Germany and my story starts during a time I was very interested to discover new music (at that time my whole experience was my little radio and the horrible 80ties - if you believe it or not : I loved "Cherie Cherie Lady" by Modern Talking ... yes - but I was 13 or 14, I think, so I am not Guilty) and the only music my parents were hearing was some classic-music like Beethoven and Dvorak (and only at Christmas-time) so I got a strong urge to discover my own music and so sampled everything from the radio.

Then one day my family and I visited the "new woman" of my grandfather which took care of him since his wife died. She was twenty years younger than my grandfather and her daughter has left the home since some years. I was sleeping that night in her daughter's ex-room in which there was standing an old LP-player and her whole record-collection: the whole Beatles-collection, "The Wall" by Pink Floyd, a "Greatest Hits" by Cat Stevens and some other records I can't remember ... and also APPs "Pyramid" and "Tales". It was like an adventure-paradise for me to take a look at all the nice LP-Covers and to discover the music step by step.

I loved Cat Stevens "Wild World", I loved Floyds "Another Brick in the Wall, part 2" ... the rest of "The Wall" was just strange noise in my ears . For the Beatles I didn't have much interest. Finally I put "Pyramid" onto the player ... what can I say ... I never heard something like this before in my life. As I listened to "In the Lap of the Gods", it was like a journey into an adventure-film, full of mystery (and imagination. It was like a soundtrack to a film - but much more exciting than any of the films I knew from the TV.

Some weeks later, "Pyramid" was the first APP-LP that I bought ... and it's still my favourite APP-album (after "Tales"!).

Greetings to all APP-fans!

Submitted by Alexander Gugg.

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