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My dad bought "Eye in the sky" (tape) when I was 4 or 5 years old (back in 1985). When I was 10 years old I bought my first CD ("Eye in the sky", of course) and then Ammonia Avenue, I robot, Eve. I've got them all but Keats, it's amazing how you grow up with them: "Time" in your sad days; "Standing on Higher Ground" in your happy days; "Limelight" in those melancholic; "Nothing Left to Lose" when you're expecting something; and "One Day to Fly" if you're looking for some inspiration.

They've always come when I've needed them. They have been great partners in every occasion, as no other band, or music. I still have "Silence and I" as my very favourite song of all times. It covers all the moods you can ever have: it's sad, gets happy, it's so deep, it's great.

One month ago someone said on the radio that AP was to be performing in my own little city, man it was hard to believe, I was so excited, couldn't believe it. An hour ago I was at the concert, singing every song, laughing, even crying, it was absolutely great. It was some sort of a dream come true, the people from here around don't know AP very well, but the hall got full and it was a great ambient, everybody sang Time, Games People Play and Eye in the Sky, but some of us sang them all, and enjoyed, more than the others. The magic of Alan and his band, the Lyrics of Eric, and it was 'Only for us to share'. Take a look at the pictures, they say it all, great concert, great band (as Alan said), great Mexican beer (if you don't believe me ask the drummer guy), great public, great night.

Thank you Alan, for giving us the chance to have a taste of your 'project', and thanks to be a part of our lives, oh, and thanks for the autograph! I promise you I'll put it on a frame and on my wall!

Submitted by Raúl Rodríguez.

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