The Alan Parsons Experience

Music That Can Transport You

Hello there, my name is Bernardo Linares and I'm from Mexico City.

The very first time that I listened to some of Alan Parsons music, was back in the 70's with my dad. He used to play "Time" a lot. But that's not the interesting part of my story. Here goes:

Two years ago, I met the greatest girl in the whole world, who is now my wife. When we first met, we started talking about music and movies. We are both music fans. As I love Progressive and Art Rock, she asked me if I liked Alan Parsons, and I told her that I just knew a couple of songs. She told me that she loved the band because her dad used to play it all the time. He played it at home, but most of all, he used to play it on the road.

My wife's dad is no longer with us, so you can imagine what does Alan Parsons means to her. Every time she listens to his music, she feels on the road with her dad.

Somehow, she passed on to me all her feelings and emotions for Alan Parsons, and every time I listen to his music I'm transported to another place, a better place. I feel each and every song deep inside me. Every time that I listen to one of his songs, I'm marveled at his genius.

I should mention that a couple of days ago, we had the pleasure to be at one of Alan Parsons' concerts, in Puebla and all that I have to say is WOW!!!

Thank God for Alan Parsons.

Submitted by Bernardo Linares.

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