The Alan Parsons Experience

Thundering Echo

I got a job after I graduated high school in '77 working in an electronics store in a mall. Just a ways down was a record store that would loan us any album to play. One of the guys brought back some strange music, even a record by somebody's "project". Well to gather attention we had a system placed a bit out in the mall which we would crank up. So this record, "Pyramid" starts out real quiet so I turn the dial up to about "eleven" and then WHAM!!!!!, the middle of Voyager hits and everyone in the mall thought the building was going to fall. Needless to say I had to turn it down quickly but man it got my attention. Since that moment I have been hooked on APP and have seen him and his band in concert twice. The first time actually is part of the one day in my life I wish I could live again, but that is for another time...

Thanks to Alan and to all of the musicians who have given me 27 years of pure enjoyment. Hurry back to Portland Oregon please!

Submitted by Tom Mostad.

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