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AP: The Only Music I'll Buy Without Previewing

Less than a month after I left for college, in January 1977, my neighbor in next dorm room introduced me to APP's "Tales of Mystery of Imagination - Edgar Allan Poe." I listened to that LP several times during that winter semester. That LP had a sound and concept approach that I found refreshing and intriguing after the music I'd listened to through my HS years. APP's first album was particularly appealing to me since I read the unabridged Edgar Allan Poe during my earlier teen years, and I already knew what the songs in the album were about. Besides, the overall sound, use of mandolin, and other innovative approaches not common during the 1970s attracted me to the music.

By the fall of 1977 I owned "Mystery" as well as "I Robot," and "Pyramid" as soon as it was released. That pattern of snapping up APP music as soon as it hit the music stores continues for me to this date. I now own all of the domestically (USA) released albums (though not the compilations), most of them on LP, and all of them on CD. I can't bring myself to buy a compilation of APP songs, since I know that the best (only?) way to listen to APP's music is as complete albums - thus allowing me to experience and enjoy the entire concept!

I have been a consistent APP fan now for 27 years. I count myself fortunate to have started my APP experience on the ground floor, less than a year after "Mystery" was released, and to have enjoyed APP's music as it came out/is coming out. To this date, Alan Parson's is just about the only music I will buy without previewing it first.

So, that's my APP story.

Submitted by Alan Holyoak.

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