The Alan Parsons Experience

A Late Night Phone Call

Well I will start with a couple of stories that have special meaning to me.

The first happened after several beers of motivation, my sister, a friend and myself decided to phone Alan at the Abbey Roads Studio from Toronto Ont., we called our time which turned out to be very early in the morning over there, we spoke to a security guard who told us to call back in the morning, Alan was expected to be there. Several hours (and beers) later we called. My sister did the talking (of course we cannot be sure it was Alan on the other end but we like to think so), we asked about live show's and wondered about tours. At that time he said it was too complicated to tour, which was a drag. Not remembering the whole conversation I will tell of the one thing that stand's out. My sister (who has since passed) said that during their conversation he would write a song about her.

The next song after that happened to be the video for DONT ANSWER ME and she always thought that was her song. Thank you Alan. The next is a rather sad story of a your local cheerleader who was murdered. During her funeral service they played her favorite song "Time". Being a fan of Alan's I had thought that it was terrible that I could not have known this girl to share Alan's beautiful music. Kind of morbid I guess but when you here of people who share your joy of music you always wonder about these people's personalities.

Now for my own thoughts on the ALAN PARSON'S PROJECT. Someone once said "all good things must come to an end" and for me this cannot be more true. I wish nothing but the best for Alan and his new direction but for myself it will never have the meaning or the feelings I have for the PROJECT from the first time I heard "The System Of Doctor Tarr" come on. Maybe it's because I was young and I can associate songs with events in my life or maybe because the music was that good, probably both. I've come to realize that time is irrelevant, I can remember things that happened 30 years ago like they happened 30 seconds ago. I would like to thank the ALAN PARSON'S PROJECT and everyone involved to be part of my time.

Submitted by Dwayne.

Editor: A special hello to a fellow Torontonian! I remember the article you spoke of, and in fact still have a copy of it. Jenny Isford was an Argo SUNshine cheerleader and it was a tragedy that a fellow-APP fan died so young.

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