The Alan Parsons Experience

Passing APP From One Person To The Next

I was introduced to the music of the Alan Parsons Project in 1978 when I was in eighth grade. My English literature teacher had told the class she had a special treat for us. She brought in "Tales of Mystery and Imagination" for us to hear. We had been discussing some of EA Poe's work so this fit in with her curriculum. It sure beat hitting the books and then I heard "The Raven," and "Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether." I had heard these on the radio a couple times but I had no clue who the artist was. After that I slowly built up a collection of different APP music but I could not afford to truly buy much of the music.

I became a very serious APP Fan within the last few years after I bought the 96/24 DVD-audio version of "I Robot." Can't believe I passed that album up in the music bins for so long!! I like buying Vinyl copies of the music because I love the sound and I get the full sized art work too. What a deal this has become too now that I can make my own copies on CD for the car, etc. I own nearly all the Project material on Vinyl and also have CDs of some of the newer stuff like "Try Anything Once" and "The Time Machine".

The final words for this memo are that I got to see the "Alan Parsons Live Project" just this last weekend (6/26/04) in Jackpot, Nevada. I was completely floored by how good everything sounded. My favorite tunes from the show were "The Raven," "Prime time," and "I Robot." Alan was as nice as everyone has mentioned and I got him to sign a copy of ToMaI I had brought. The album that started it all! I am seriously considering a road trip later this year to see them in Nevada again.

One last tidbit - My son who is now four years old always likes to hear me put on the song "Vulture Culture". He even recognizes the album cover and even sings to parts of the song. I bought my very first ever picture disk (vinyl) and brought it home about a month ago. I showed it to him and asked him if he knew what it was. He immediately said "Vulture Culture" of course. That's my boy...

Thank you Alan and Co. for so much!!

Submitted by Jim Martin (aka Martini).

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