The Alan Parsons Experience

APP Makes A New Place Feel Like A Home

I first discovered the music of Alan Parsons as a NY teen in 1977. The music has been a part of my life ever since. My first album was "I Robot", and I've gone on to purchase just about everything since!

I've done a lot of moving since then, having lived all over the USA. Hooking up the stereo and playing AP was the absolute FIRST thing to do, to make a new place feel like "home".

In the early years, all the music was done in a studio and there were no concerts (none I'm aware of, at least!). Back then, it was my dream to see AP live. If only I could get an invite to a studio session! I'd fly to England in a second if I had the chance. Then, in 1995, I got my big break! AP... LIVE in concert! I was thrilled, and it was a blast. Got another chance in 1999, and managed to get great seats near the front. Alan even signed my ticket!

Now I've got tickets for the new concert, and this time I get to take my son! He's ten, and has heard AP music since he was born.

Thank you, Alan, for bringing me 27 years of listening enjoyment!

Submitted by Jeff Shein.

Editor: On a similar note, I always use "Eye In The Sky" as the album I play whenever I move houses, or relocate the stereo. A vinyl copy, a tape, a CD ... I get all components running the same album! I think the tradition began because when I bought my first CD player (1983 or 1984) the first CD was "Eye In The Sky".

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