The Alan Parsons Experience

Finding Music That Makes Sense

I've always had a bonding with music of the 70's ... born in 1976 so, that ain't weird.

My favour for artists, like Alan Parson, Pink Floyd, Yes, Supertramp, Porcupine Tree, Rush...(to name a few), I really do not know what influenced me to listen to this music. I'm a huge metal-head and Nevermore is my favourite band all times, so I'm proud that I am able to say, my ears have a " wide-range" for music. It's just, when the music and lyrics has a meaning that makes SENSE. Up to the listener what to do with it. and I love the open mind ;) If you hear without listening? Music won't make sense, it'll just sound good. Reality makes sense - like I want to see and experience it and Alan Parson's music and lyrics just add a valuable part to that experience. It's musically and lyrically in balance and that is exactly what draws me into this artistic way of writing music. It's done with balls (the man without fear - as Mr. Parsons was introduced to us!), feelings and a good sense of KNOWLEDGE! That's what I am looking for in my life, knowledge to find a way to deal with my reality, and still being able to dream.

I'm proud that I was at the concert (5th of October 2004), all by myself (my friends didn't want to go and see "old-fart's playing music") but I just have to say this about the concert: it took a while before it got started, but eventually it was a very, well arranged concert and it had a warm and sensefull flow. You guys know how to ROCK!

Thank you for making music, Mr. Parsons!

Submitted by Iris.

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