The Alan Parsons Experience

Hooked By "Pyramid"

Hi fellow parsons fans my name is Phil Simmons from Daventry in Nothamptonshire.

My A.P. experience started in 1978 when a friend brought round a copy of "Pyramid" and after that about a year past I said to my wife that I wouldn't mind buying "Pyramid" myself. By this time he had just released "Turn of a Friendly Card". I played "Pyramid" and thought that really is a good album then put on "Turn of a Friendly Card" and thought - fantastic! This guy's music is really something special!

By now I had the A.P. bug and every album release was an event. To date, I have got every project album and every Parsons album and they all are at the top of my music collection. I never thought that I would be a fan for all of these years but I think his music is just pure magic genius.

A few weeks ago I had a further treat when I went to see him at a gig at London Astoria on October the 7th I expected it to be good but it was far beyond what I have ever imagined in my life and it was a brilliant gig.

Submitted by Phil Simmons.

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