The Alan Parsons Experience

Falling In Love With Alan's Unique Sound

Greetings. First of all, I've listened to APP since the Seventies. "Tales of Mystery and Imagination" came second. The first experience I had with APP was "I,Robot". I'm a big fan of Issac Asimov and Sci-Fi in general.

I love the overall sound of Alan Parsons and his most talented associates. Symphonic music combined with Rock isn't new. Buddy Holly did it back in the 1950s. Alan Parsons and his friends have taken symphonic Rock to another dimension. When I found out that Alan had worked with The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Al Stewart, I wasn't too surprised at the outcome of his solo efforts. Alan's signature has been on all this great music. It was his unique sound that influenced my taste in music during the otherwise boring and lifeless period of the Late 1970s--Early 1980s.

From the lilting and otherworldly sounds of synthesizers to straight-up and soaring guitar solos, APP is far above anything else in the world of popular music. The orchestral arrangements are second to none. The only "Disco" tune that I ever really got into was APP's "I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You". The absolutely splendid music and lyrics to, "Days Are Numbers (The Traveller)" helped me overcome the loss of my best friend, Alex, to cancer in 1994. "Don't Answer Me", is another favorite tune of mine. APP's music has been, and will always be an adventure in music and imagination.

I thank God for Alan Parsons, his very talented friends, and the fantastic music they have given to me and to the world. The Alan Parsons Project's songs are gifts from Heaven. When I hear certain tunes from The Alan Parsons Project, I am truly "Standing On Higher Ground". God Bless You, Alan Parsons and Friends. Sincerely, Walt

Submitted by Walt.

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