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Hey! Great fan site!! I've been looking for one of these! Anyways, this is basically the story behind how I got to be the only person my age that I know of that's this obsessed with The Project.

When I was really little, my parents would play Alan Parsons, and being little and unable to do much about it, I'd listen. According to my parents, I knew the words to "Psychobabble" when I was 4 or 5, and I recently found a cassette tape from when I was little with that song and "Mammagamma" about 3 times in a row. That way, they could appease me for hours without my calling to rewind the songs over and over.

Then, I think about 5 years ago, I came across that tape and had NO idea who they were or what the songs were called. It had been quite a while since I had heard them, but I found myself singing along to "Psychobabble" with little problem. That summer, my dad bought the "Alan Parsons Project Definitive Collection", and as I read the back of the case, the names of the songs sounded vaguely familiar. But it wasn't until I read/heard "Psychobabble" when I realized I had known this group for years.

You can ask my dad. I basically held that CD hostage for a year, haha.

When I was in my Edgar Allen Poe stage my sophomore year of high school, I was thrilled to see that Alan Parsons had released a CD/album based on his poems and stories. I got the "Tales of Mystery and Imagination" CD for a gift, and was very happy.

Since then, I've gotten my own copy of the Definitive collection, their newest "A Valid Path" CD (which rocks the mountains), and just yesterday I got "The Very Best Live" CD (it was either that or "Turn of a Friendly Card", which I plan to get next time I go buy CDs).

That leaves me, 18 years old, the biggest Alan Parsons Fan of my age in the world! (at least, that I know of, heh heh). My current project is drawing pictures of various Alan Parsons songs with my alter-ego character, Ace, as the main subject. If your bored and would like to see the one's I've scanned, you can check out them out here and you'll find "The Raven", "Eye in the Sky", and "You Can Run". I hope to have more up soon! Thanks for putting up with my ramblings!!

Submitted by Ace Gallagher, aka Jill.

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