What Is The Avenue Newsletter?

The Avenue is the first fanzine devoted to Alan Parsons and his Projects. Each issue is comprised of twelve 8 ½" x 11" pages printed in black and white. In addition, there are two discography pages (each are 8½" x 11" double-sided ) with text on one side and reprints of cover artwork on the back. In later editions, some issues have sheet music instead of discography pages.

The Avenue was first published on August 31, 1994, and printed its last issue on December 15, 2004. Some issues are still available to purchase as back issues.

Here's what the newsletter was about...

There's even more inside.

The Avenue has many sections starting with up-to-date news on Alan Parsons and his projects.

"I think the best feature of The Avenue is 'Current News' because it keeps me informed of the latest news about Alan and his band. It's great to know what Alan is doing at this moment" - Andres in South America.

The History of Alan Parsons and his Projects.

Each issue, the "Tales Of..." section takes a look back and traces the history. From his birth, to the early days at Abbey Road and onwards to The Alan Parsons Project, this section covers the history with great detail.

"The best section is "Tales Of..." as it is so informative to those of us who are still looking for history on Alan." Carl in Minnesota.

Information on Related Artists.

Ever wanted to know more about the builders who helped create the music you love? Now here's a place that covers one guest artist per issue.

Issue one - JOHN MILES


Issue three - CHRIS HARLEY (aka Chris Rainbow)

Issue four/five- IAN BAIRNSON

what's this? Issue six/seven - LENNY ZAKATEK

Issue eight/nine - STUART ELLIOTT (part one of two)


Issue eleven - NEIL LOCKWOOD (part one of two)

Issue twelve - NEIL LOCKWOOD (part two of two) / COLIN BLUNSTONE (part one of two)

Issue thirteen - COLIN BLUNSTONE (part two of two)

Issue fourteen - DAVID PATON (part one)

Issue fifteen - DAVID PATON (part two)

Issue seventeen - ERIC STEWART (part one)

Issue eighteen - ERIC STEWART (part two)

Issue twenty - GARY HOWARD (part one)

Issue twenty-one - GARY HOWARD (part two)

Issue twenty-two - JAKI WHITREN

Issue twenty-three - DAVID PACK (part one)

Issue twenty-four - DAVID PACK (part two)

"I enjoy the personal interviews of each of the band members. It helps me to feel connected with the band and its ongoing activites." Carl in Massachusetts.

Questions and Answers

In every issue, the "Let's Talk About..." section takes questions from readers and gets the answered right from the source. From questions about the inspiration behind songs, to ones about the kind of equipment Alan uses, we cover them all!

"'Let's Talk About' is my favorite feature because it always seems to reveal a hidden secret in a song or album." Phil in New York.

"'Let's Talk About'. It's like being there in person to ask the questions." Tom in Florida.

Looking for a new or old record to add to your collection? Check out the ads from some of the hardest working dealers in the business. Not to mention the stuff that's sold exclusively to Avenue readers. PLUS...

Friends and Collectors.

Looking for people who have the same interests as you? Have something to trade? Then try out the bulletin board. FREE to subscribers on a first-come, first-served basis.

Keep Up To Date.

The latest new service: e-mail updates! Since The Avenue only comes out three times a year, if we have something important to say between issues, let us send an email message your way so you won't miss anything!

Plus the chance to WIN!

Contests in issue twenty give the readers a chance to win a Flying Pickets CD autographed by Gary Howard. Plus, enter our latest reader poll to win items autographed by ALAN PARSONS.

How do I subscribe to The Avenue?

Unfortunately publication of new issues has ceased. However, you can order back issues of some of the past issues.

Where do I find The Avenue?

The mailing address is:


P.O. Box 7229,

Station A,

Toronto, Ontario M5W 1X8


Our e-mail address: steve@theavenueonline.info

Frequently Asked Questions about The Avenue:

bullet How is The Avenue connected to Alan Parsons and the band?

bullet Where does funding come from?

bullet Doesn't the record company help pay for this?

bullet Why is The Avenue located in Canada?

bullet Is there a fan club? Is there a fan club in any other country?

bullet How can I send a letter to members of the band?

bullet Can I drop by The Avenue office in Toronto?

The Answers:

How is The Avenue connected to Alan Parsons and the band?

The Avenue is a separate organization from the band, but is in regular contact. While the band doesn't financially support this venture, they do support it morally and keep The Avenue at the fore-front of the news.

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Where does funding come from?

All of the operations of The Avenue (including this web page) are self-funded through the sale of merchandise and subscriptions to the newsletter.

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Doesn't the record company help pay for this?

In a word: no. Despite the fact many people consider this a great promotional tool, the record companies do not contribute to The Avenue.

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Why is The Avenue located in Canada?

The simple answer is that is where the editor (Steve Martin) lives. Despite this, the reason we state all costs in US Dollars is because we are aware that this is the most common and most easily available currency worldwide. (There are some exceptions, but this is the easiest currency).

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Is there a fan club? Is there a fan club in any other country?

The Avenue doubles as a fan club, but don't let that scare you off. This isn't the kind of fan club that caters to screaming teenage girls. We are aware that the supporters of Alan Parsons' work are sophisticated professionals, so the newsletter is presented in a professional manner. Besides the newsletter, we offer many others services: merchandise, tour information, a web page, mail forwarding to band members, autographed contest prizes, phone-in nights to the editor, and more. At this time, The Avenue is read in over twenty countries; so no matter where in the world you live, we'd love to hear from you.

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How can I send a letter to members of the band?

Simply send your mail to the postal address of The Avenue and we will forward it onwards. They are very busy people and are not always able to reply, but they do read your letters and enjoy hearing your comments about the albums.

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Can I drop by The Avenue office in Toronto?

Our postal address is actually just a mailbox, so we're there only for a few minutes to pick-up mail.

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